Jan 282016

John MacMurray

00:03 Just Wrote: feedback from Paul T – Murray – Rob – Trevor, our WBCQ sponsor Paul Lambert, skepticism, cause of feedback, cause of ship, introducing the four causal modalities – Formal – Material – Efficient – Final
17:15 No time for cause: integrated knowledge vs retention of facts, motivation of the left, John Macmurray on cause, natural law, the continuant, law of nature as pattern of continuance, time and the present, Leonard Peikoff on cause, entities vs actions, time travel fantasies
33:20 Necessity of choice: the inefficiency of efficient cause, cause vs motivation, from facts and stats to knowledge, significant knowledge, knowledge as source of morality and ethics, choice and knowledge
44:25 The sum of your experiences: life as an end in itself, predictions vs intentions, be cause, knowledge and eternity, first cause, God, existence
59:42 END

  2 Responses to “437 – The necessity of choice / The sum of your experiences”

  1. Ah! This is where people make the mistake of “fate”. They are mixing the continuance of nature with their own will to act. Just as a tree falling in a forest makes a noise, so my actions are irrelevant because I am a victim of fate (or supreme being if I’m uncomfortable with it not being some intelligent agency).

    But, though I am a part of nature, I am not a perpetuating reaction to stimulus. I can think and choose.

    Very interesting….

  2. Hearing Logan’s Run in this context makes me think of The Original Caste’s One Tin Solder, looking without for reason (or excuses) for actions when they are entirely within our purview.

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