May 122016

Trump as Pericles

00:03 Pericles’ parallel: Conrad Black’s Civitas keynotes on Trump, prediction of a Trump presidency, four failed US administrations, doubling America’s fiscal debt, conservative reactions against Trump, Pericles’ parallel, the universality of human nature, the individual as unique, media disconnect from public pulse, media malpractice
17:20 Observer effect: economics as behavioural psychology, network of conservative opinion makers against Trump, markets and interests at play, ideology and consequences, doctrine vs pragmatism, we the people are sovereign, Declaration of Independence, skill sets for the political game
33:40 Education by election: Trump on women, women on Trump, trumping the sex and race cards, Hillary Clinton as a catastrophe, upcoming electoral conflict as instruction for young voters, immigration issues, unfunded wars with no results, globalization, free trade vs mercantilism, carbon taxes exporting jobs, America first vs protectionism, politics as the Queen of all disciplines
48:25 The Trump Rearrangement Conundrum: changing the Trump conversation, predicting Trump’s nomination and presidency, process of deal making, the Democratic question, emergence of independents, crossing tradition political lines 59:42 END

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