Jun 092016


00:03 Insufficiently efficient: philosophy as the search for truth, the valid philosophy, Peter Epp’s insufficiency about efficiency, milk marketing boards, supply management vs supply and demand, Alan Slaven’s astronomical support for Ontario’s natural gas ban, economic arguments replacing moral considerations
19:40 The idea that Ideas Matter: lying and politics, no opting out of politics, the conviction that ideas matter – and its consequences, Ayn Rand’s ‘inexplicable personal alchemy’, do not sanction the jailers of the mind and of freedom, certainty of truth
32:15 From agreement to $upport: moving from ideas to action, fighting the fifth columnist minority, identifying the left, funding the enemy, witness to government waste
45:20 Your help needed: how to fight back – give money, Bob Metz, Freedom Party of Ontario, Just Right, making time to support freedom, political warning: “they’re going to kill you”, putting your money where our mouth is, financially supporting Just Right and its journey in the right direction 59:42 END

  One Response to “456 – Ideas matter / From agreement to $upport”

  1. Conniving, lying bastards.

    Erin Goodwin is front page news, Sun and fourth page Toronto Star.

    Who would hear those few standing in Red Square. They didn’t care.

    But those few held to their ideas against the entire communist apparatus.

    – Ted.

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