Jan 192017


FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY – FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE: “Tyranny of the rich?” That’s rich! But it’s a common belief among those who have a limited understanding (or outright dislike) of capitalism and what that word truly represents.

“Capitalism is slavery,” is another epistemological contradiction that is often heard in the blind rage against the singular economic system that is the very opposite of slavery.

Or maybe you’ve heard these before: “Capitalists prey on the poor” or “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

These are, of course, demonstrable falsehoods. Yet many accept these bromides as truths. To be able to counter these tragic misunderstandings (or to discover sinister intentions), one must be intellectually and morally armed against them.

On today’s Just Right, you’ll hear our response to these and many more similar bromides that lead to tragic outcomes when practiced as truths.

“Capitalism,” wrote Ayn Rand in her book of the same name, is “the unknown ideal.” Her objective in writing “Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal” was not to “promote” capitalism, but simply to define it. Having thus made clear what capitalism is and what capitalism is not, those who have had the courage to read her book will find themselves faced with a very clear moral choice, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Capitalism is a moral system, not just an economic one. Love it or hate it, this truth lies beneath most people’s feelings about capitalism. The attempt to destroy the very concept of capitalism is a conscious effort to avoid moral judgement.

Freedom and capitalism are the moral standards by which all political systems must be judged. They are the ideal conditions towards which free, productive, and secure societies must strive in order to remain free, productive, and secure.

Sad to say, “Freedom” itself remains an “unknown ideal” and it too requires that distinctions be made between what freedom “is” and what freedom “is not.” As abstract concepts, both freedom and capitalism are not things visible to the naked eye or ear. They must be understood to be apprehended.

Freedom, capitalism, and democracy are the three social and economic conditions that go hand in hand. No other combinations are viable or possible.

For that reason, all three of these concepts are under severe attack by politicians of all major political parties. Why? Because they all share an “ideal” that sets us on the road to tyranny via state supremacy and control. Statism is the defining “ideal” of the left, and always leads to increasing poverty and misery.

Life can improve vastly once capitalism is understood and practiced. Everyone should learn and know that freedom, capitalism, and democracy are Just Right, and never to be found on the left.

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