Apr 132017

Downshift London

Thanks to a growing public outcry against the concept, residents of London Ontario have been given a brief political reprieve to “Down Shift” the speed of the city’s planned “Shift” to “Bus Rapid Transit” (BRT).

The city has cooperated in a ploy to give its opposition more time to accept the “facts” about the city’s own plans – while making it appear that some sort of democratic process is taking place.

Instead of allowing such a process, Londoners have been told that “Shift happens,” and the meaning behind the twist in that expression is clear: Neither the electorate’s consent or consensus is a factor to “Shift”.

As a result, more and more Londoners are objecting to BRT.

Willfully blind to the nature of the objections, the city and BRT supporters have offered a “crocodile apology” to Londoners (without any tears) – citing a “poor job of communicating” their plans to the general public.

To resolve this shortcoming, BRT planners now intend to use the down shift period to present Londoners with the “facts” about BRT, and to dispel the “misinformation” being spread by BRT opponents.

But the real and avoided fact behind all the BRT facts is that they’ve done an excellent job of communicating their intentions and BRT plans. That is precisely why the vast majority of Londoners have recoiled in disgust.

To enlighten us on more disturbing facts behind BRT “facts”, the London Institute’s Amir Farahi once again joins us for an hour of facts that can make your blood boil, no matter where you may live. Amir factually demonstrates how London’s local council and politicians have offered a whole host of negative stereotypical behaviors associated with politics and politicians everywhere.

So beware of BRT “facts”. They’re really part of a Bus Racket Tactic. In being presented with an array of “facts” about BRT plans, Londoners are again being mono-railed into a monologue disguised as dialogue. No two ways about it!

One last observation, just for fun: You have to admit how ironic it is that BRT designs prevent traffic from turning LEFT.

With that thought in mind, mark this as one of those rare exceptions where you’ll hear us suggest that turning left is Just Right.

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