May 252017

Sandra Solomon and Ted Harlson

Ask someone whether “Islam” is the root cause of the world-wide terrorism associated with it, or whether it is just the “people using” Islam to justify violent terrorism, the answer you get will depend on that person’s definition of Islam.

Is Islam a “religion” or a “political ideology”? Or both? Or neither?

To help us understand the devil in the details so lacking in definitions, Islam takes on an entirely different “definition” when described by someone who has lived it – right in the heart of Saudi Arabia itself.

Her name is Sandra Solomon and today she joins us in studio to share her story. It is a glimpse into a life that few in the West can truly appreciate. Her personal experience has led Sandra to begin a crusade across Canada to warn Canadians about the dangers of Sharia Law and the Islamization of Canadian public schools.

Also joining us in studio is Ted Harlson, whose own peaceful crusade warning Canadians about “race based policing” in Caledonia resulted in his arrest by provincial police. A subsequent court challenge may well result in a re-appraisal of how police will handle such cases in the future.

Having personally witnessed Sandra’s courage and bravery in her one-woman crusade for her cause, Ted has become one of Sandra’s growing number of active supporters.

Join us for a controversial and sensitive discussion about a sensitive and controversial issue – rarely heard in mainstream establishment media.

Can “true Islam” ever be compatible with the principles of Western civilization? Can Islam be “moderated”?

Is the definition of “Muslim” inseparable from Islam? Or are there simply “religious” and “cultural” Muslims completely unattached to Islam’s political agenda?

However one may resolve these questions, one truth is inescapable: In the myriad of conflicting definitions of Islam and inconsistent frames of context, it’s not always clear what’s Just Right – until it affects your personal life.

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