Jun 082017

Sandra Solomon

How do you solve a problem like Sharia?

To help answer that question, join us for the second round of our conversation about the Islamization of Canada with guests Sandra Solomon and Ted Harlson that began on our August 25 broadcast.

Angered by a recent unjust Ontario Human Rights ruling in favour of a Muslim complainant, Ted concludes “When government becomes a dictatorship, run by thugs, they need altruism as a cover for what they’re doing.”

The Islamization of Canada takes many subtle and not-so-subtle forms.

In addition to the ruling cited, Canadians have witnessed municipal declarations of “sanctuary cities” which grant undocumented “immigrants” immunity from Canada’s laws.

Canadians have witnessed governments on both the provincial and federal level adopt the Muslim Brotherhood‘s own propagandist term “Islamophobia” in a psychological war against free speech.

Canadians have watched as their public schools establish Muslim prayer rooms and times – something that is not even done in Saudi Arabia where Sharia law is the rule.

With every additional terrorist attack, Canadian politicians resort to their own deadly toxin of multiculturalism to appease Islam at the price of Canada’s own cultural values.

Sandra Solomon is now in the middle of her cross Canada tour to alert Canadians about the impending dangers of Sharia law and the Islamization of Canada.

Given her understanding of Islam as it was taught to her in Saudi Arabia, Sandra asks: “What’s the difference between Trudeau and Mohammed? To me, nothing. Trudeau has got to go. That’s one of the things I say over and over again in my rallies and protests. And I’m warning every Canadian that if Trudeau gets elected again, Canada will become an Islamic state.”

In contrasting her own new found Christian faith with the Islamic faith she left behind in Saudi Arabia, Sandra says “It’s the difference between dying for Allah and living for God.”

Even with her own new-found faith, she fully supports anyone’s right to practice any belief of one’s own choosing as long as it is not forced upon others.

An outspoken advocate of secularism in government and in our schools, it’s hard to deny that Sandra’s advice on that point expresses the wisdom of Solomon.

After all, freedom of religion and freedom from religion are two sides of the same coin. It’s Just Right that you can’t have one without the other.

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  1. We must sacrifice our culture for inferior ones – altruism.

    The West certainly messed up in the middle east and helped create some of the problems. The West however, did not create the fundamental problems with islam.

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