Aug 242017

Antifa flag in history

You have to wonder if it’s fake news. The report that an ESPN broadcaster has been removed from the season opener football game in Charlottesville at the University of Virginia because his name is Robert Lee is yet another example of just how fascist those “opposed to fascism” are. ESPN claimed that its decision was “made collectively” which, while ironic, does not speak to the issue at hand.

Assuming the report about ESPN’s Robert Lee is factual, the story is still fake. Why so?

Because the actions taken against Robert Lee (the broadcaster) were not only ridiculous and unjust, but also based on a false (i.e., ‘fake’) narrative about Robert E. Lee’s role in the history of America. Apparently unaware that Robert E. Lee was profoundly opposed to slavery, the true racists and fascists “opposed to racism/slavery” base their intolerance and actions against a historical monument on the juvenile notion that Lee fought “on the wrong side of history.”

Apparently they are also unaware that History has no sides.

Even had Lee supported slavery, the removal of his statue still represents a moral affront to history, and to the freedom that emanated from that history in America.

To provide us with an informed slice of the history that has led to these events, Western University’s Associate Professor of Political Science, Salim Mansur, provides us with some eye-opening realities and stories that cut right through today’s myths and falsehoods spread by the Left. (When you hear what Salim has to say about how and why the Left ideology of “fascism” was fraudulently placed on the “Right” – and who did it – the greater story behind many of our past broadcasts about the misrepresentation of Left and Right will take on an entirely new significance.)

Our discussion oddly enough begins on the beaches of Dunkirk, or rather, on the beached story that is the movie Dunkirk. Calling the film’s lack of context a “metaphor of our time,” Salim once again frames today’s events in the light of the ever-living, ever-contested history that created them – which sets the stage for our discussion of how events in Charlottesville have been myopically interpreted.

As always, these are the stories – and the necessary histories – ‘Left’ untold by today’s Leftist media. In fact, the Left’s mission is to prevent knowledge about what/who is Left and what/who is Right from ever being widely communicated or understood. It’s remarkable that most people today still do not know about the Democratic Party’s historical alliance with the Ku Klux Klan, or of the party’s continual racist agendas disguised today as anti-racism.

The problems faced by Ezra Levant and the Rebel Media offer yet another demonstration of the Left’s successful tactic, especially since events in Charlottesville were central to reasons given by other Rebel staff for abandoning him. Salim’s searing criticism of those who abandoned the Rebel’s cause at the very point when standing up for principle counted most, is one based both on principle, and on his own past long-standing relationship with Ezra.

Of course the proverbial elephant in the room is Donald Trump. His name punctuates each and every public protest, commentary, and “news” report purportedly against “hate” and “racism.” It is beyond comical. It is Donald Trump and the fact that he is NOT the fascist that they are, which is what so infuriates the denizens of the Left. It is they who are the irrational haters – of Donald Trump.

By strongly condemning those who would tear down historical monuments and the history of freedom’s struggle that goes with them, America’s president has once again demonstrated that “Trump Towers above the rest” and that, all ideologies aside, in so doing he is Just Right.

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