Aug 312017

The spitting image of the Left

Spitting In The Face of Freedom and Democracy

Though an isolated incident during the downtown London Ontario protests this past weekend, the image of Bailey Lamon literally spitting on the face of a PEGIDA supporter is perfectly symbolic of what the rest of the 500 “counter-protesters” at the event were doing: spitting in the face of freedom and democracy.

Not surprisingly, the counter protesters consisted of a coalition of Leftists. Clearly identified individuals and groups included Marxists, Antifa “anti-fascist” fascists, the Communist Party of Canada, the fake news media and commentators (i.e., the London Free Press), and others. Hate-and-obscenity spewing professional agitators openly displayed their hate and obscenity on signs, flags bearing the hammer and sickle were flying, and many individuals in the crowd wore Marxist Che Guevara T-shirts.

Leading and encouraging the pack was none other than London’s mayor, Matt Brown, who proudly joined them in a display of public INTOLERANCE never before witnessed in London.

“Londoners came together, they stood in solidarity and they clearly communicated that there is no place for hate, racism, Islamophobia in our community,” he proudly boasted in the Aug 28 London Free Press.

The focus of everyone’s hatred and intolerance was a group called PEGIDA (the German abbreviation for the English equivalent of “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West”).

PEGIDA’s sole message at last Saturday’s demonstration so feared by City Council was simply: “Stop the Radical Islamic Hate Speech,” which was how the group drew attention to its concern about what has been called the “Islamization of Canada.”

There can be no doubt that political Islam is an ideology completely incompatible with freedom or democracy; it is theocracy – and theocrats both here and abroad have been openly preaching hatred against the West (freedom / democracy).

This is the issue that PEGIDA wished to address, but it is a discussion not wanted by the Left, which of course includes militant Islamists themselves.

It now also includes London mayor Matt Brown. Claiming to be prompted by PEGIDA’s planned demonstration, Brown and the entire London city council unanimously passed a motion to establish the “prohibition of activities of organizations whose ideologies is (sic) contrary to the City of London” on municipally owned property.

In response, executive director of the London Institute Amir Farahi launched an on line-petition called “Stop The War On Free Speech In London Ontario” and went on a media blitz that effectively made him the official opposition to the city on this issue.

The perspective that Amir shares with us today is very different from that told in the pages of the London Free Press and other media of the Left. As an observer who attended this past weekend’s demonstrations himself, his account of the protests and the events that led to Brown’s “emergency” motion to prohibit ideological disagreement with the “city” fills in the details to many unanswered questions.

Accusations of “white supremacy” and “hate speech” made against PEGIDA by both London’s mayor and all the rest of the “counter-protesters” simply do not bear out under scrutiny. PEGIDA’s misrepresented reputation and views are again evidence of the true source of fake news and how the Left drives that agenda.

Given the extreme Leftist positions taken by London’s City Council, it looks like it will be a long time indeed before council and mayor Brown ever do anything that is Just Right.

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  1. In addition, Matt Brown’s police force arrested an assault victim 6 seconds into this video!

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