Sep 212017

Freedom of Speech

As predicted, the fallout from August 26th’s disgraceful “anti-hate” rally in downtown London Ontario is just beginning.

The big question now is this: Will this coming Saturday’s (September 23) next PEGIDA rally spark the same kind of response or will the city just simply attempt to ignore it?

OR: will Jenny Hill and PEGIDA get their much-deserved apology from the city?

Having been falsely accused by London’s mayor and most of the media of being “white supremacists” and “racists,” now that the truth is out, will those guilty of casting false accusations do the RIGHT thing or will they simply ignore reality and continue on their journey in the LEFT direction – and do the wrong thing?

As if that’s not enough to keep us all on the edge of our seats, what you’ll hear from our guests today, Mark Vandermaas of Israel Truth Week and Jenny Hill of PEGIDA, will no doubt be alarming to many – as well it should.

Together in studio, they share personal experiences from their own view of events at the August 26th protests.

As the person directly in line of all the fire of false accusations, PEGIDA’s Jenny Hill clearly displays more courage and conviction than all the “counter-protesters” combined.

To be sure, PEGIDA and Jenny Hill have already done Londoners a great service:

(1) They have made Londoners aware of the city’s anti-free speech “ideology”;
(2) They have made Londoners aware of many of the city’s explicitly racist political and social agendas;
(3) They have made Londoners aware of the numerous Leftist thugs and political interests who are “virtue signaling” virtues the Left cannot possibly possess;
(4) They have stood their ground and exercised their freedom of speech – so that all future voices (of both Left and Right) will remain free to do the same;
And most significantly, of course,
(5) They have inspired Mark Vandermaas to step into the public spotlight to tell the truth and provide context about PEGIDA that the Leftist media simply will not.

As a veteran of peace-keeping missions in the mid-East, and as a veteran of fighting race-based policing in Caledonia, Mark is not one to be trifled with. His 45-page filed complaint against the City of London has made that abundantly clear. He is asking that:

(1) police “investigate Mayor Matt Brown to determine whether his conduct in this matter rose to the level of criminality under the defamatory libel provisions of the Criminal Code;
(2) that an outside investigator be appointed to determine whether Mayor Brown improperly colluded with two community groups for his own political benefit;
(3) that Council Members receive training regarding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the hate propaganda provisions of the Criminal Code; and
(4) that Council amend the Code of Conduct to prohibit members from making accusations of “racism,” “hate speech” and “membership in hate groups” against any member of the public without evidence that would meet the standard of a criminal proceeding.

“I won’t be bullied or pushed or intimidated into not speaking,” says Jenny in anticipation of this coming Saturday’s planned rally in downtown London.

“It’s the right thing to do,” says Mark, who has now joined her in a renewed rally to defend free speech.

When it comes to free speech, we know that BOTH of them are Just Right.

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