Jan 202018

The Death of Western Culture

As public anger and resentment grows over ever smaller and insignificant issues, it appears that the West is indulging in a form of cultural masochism. In other words, Western Culture is destroying itself from within – a clear symptom of Leftist influences.

Do many on the Left truly have a death wish? Given the evidence, It’s a question that’s being asked more and more these days. The masochistic trend seemed to have passed a tipping point on the internal threat to our own culture with last summer’s Charlottesville riots, but that may only have been one marking point in a chain of events that continue to expose the Left’s true objectives.

Above all, there is a conscious and deliberate effort on the part of the Left to prevent knowledge of Western culture, by misrepresenting Western values, context, and history. That’s understandable, since Western values and the success of Western culture continually disprove Leftist ideologies.

Unfortunately, the Left’s sinister strategy has been working. It has gained an upper hand in the West by creating a climate of ignorance and misinformation that falsely lends Leftist ideology some appearance of credibility. For example, most public school systems in North America no longer teach their own history in context, thus attempting to make issues like slavery and racism relevant in an environment where they no longer exist (while conveniently ignoring them where they do exist – in the world’s Leftist jurisdictions).

Whether the West will survive the Left’s hatred of life without a radical counter-revolution or major conflict is something that remains to be seen. But both Danielle and Robert agree that the failure on the part of the West to define and promote Western principles are at the root of the problem. And that is why, in contrast, creating awareness of these principles is also at the root of doing what is Just Right to correct it.

  One Response to “The Danielle Metz Show – 002 – The masochism of The West”

  1. Most of us have our rationality attacked when we are children; our thinking is made painful for us by various punishments – such as ridicule – that are administered by our parents for ideas we express. Thinking is made painful. Then, faith is propagated – in place of reason – as the proper form of mental functioning. I think our cultural nihilism boils down to the widespread conviction that faith – in any number of things – is a form of knowledge. The more people wed themselves to this conviction, the more they are driven to become abusive, because they have given up their only means of interacting with others on a basis of respect. Their only means of settling disputes is by some form of non-respectful means, from manipulation, to physical violence, to terrorism.

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