Feb 012018


Whether or not the term “sh*thole countries” was actually used by US President Donald Trump, there is little question that he did use “strong language” to express his criticism of such countries. In so doing, Trump directly struck at his real target – the Leftist ideologies of those countries.

America’s Left responded with its usual defense: just shout “racism” and hopefully everyone will look the other way. This tired tactic is itself proof that the Left has no objective or honest case to make.

As our in-studio guest Salim Mansur demonstrates, those accusing Trump of “racism” are, in addition to being racist themselves, “far worse” than racists. They are, in effect, saying that sh*thole countries are the result of the racial makeup of those who live in them – and that the citizens of such countries should remain content to live in those countries.

Ironically, those shouting “racism” the loudest are the very people who support the ideologies of the countries Trump criticized – and therein lies the real story.

The tragedy is that there are indeed countries existing today that are quite literally, not just figuratively, “sh*tholes.” Born in Kolkata (Calcutta) India, Salim offers a personal perspective on this reality that should make any person of goodwill cheer Trump’s honest observation. The stronger the language, the better.

After all, sh*thole ideologies produce sh*thole countries. By accusing U.S. president Donald Trump of “racism” because of his alleged “sh*thole countries” comment, America’s Left once again demonstrated that Trump was Just Right.

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