Feb 222018

Ontario residents have increasingly been suffering under the burdens imposed by the province’s current Leftist Liberal government led by Kathleen Wynne.

Whether consciously aware of it or not, those seeking an alternative in the upcoming June election are faced with the reality that the other two parties sitting in the legislature are also on the Left. This means that their continued electoral success will only ensure that Ontario continues on its current destructive path, while the burdens experienced by Ontario’s residents will increase unabated.

Unfortunately, one of the parties in the legislature – the Progressive Conservative Party (PC)– has for years been falsely identified as a party on the Right, even though the PCs fully share the philosophy, ideology, planks and platforms that are advocated and implemented by their Leftist opponents. In an age of so-called ‘identity politics’ it is a tragedy that so few understand the true identity of the political parties for which they vote.

For an actual alternative – meaning a real change in the political direction of Ontario – the province’s only option at the polls is the Freedom Party of Ontario, and today we demonstrate why this is so.

Given that the principal architects behind the creation and evolution of that political option are both co-hosting today’s show, you might be forgiven for suggesting that “the following program has been sponsored by the Freedom Party of Ontario.”

But as our regular listeners know, both Bob Metz and Paul McKeever have demonstrated their life-long personal commitment to the principles of a free and prosperous society and would have been more than happy to see any or all of the parties in the legislature adopt a freedom platform. Sadly, that has never happened, nor will it.

It is precisely because the current parties in the legislature can never support a freedom platform that the creation of a Freedom Party became a necessity in the first place. After all, freedom is the alternative that is Just Right for Ontario, as it has always been for citizens everywhere.

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