Jul 262018

Green Hills

Despite political claims to the contrary, the ‘science’ has never been ‘settled’ on the contentious issue of ‘climate change,’ formerly known as ‘global warming.’ It never will be, as long as the climate keeps changing, which it will.

The belief that our planetary climate can be kept ‘un-changed’ by means of various carbon tax schemes is practically the definition of ‘irrational’ – and that’s why we’ve called this belief the Climate Derangement Syndrome (CDS).

Only a social affliction, like the ‘emotional plague’ described by Wilhelm Reich in his Mass Psychology of Fascism, or a completely sinister agenda masquerading behind a veil of false virtue signaling, could possibly explain such an irrational belief in objective terms.

One cannot help but notice that sufferers of CDS continually focus their attention on the political climate while pretending to be concerned with the planetary climate.

Ignorance of the science or mathematics behind planetary climate change is one of the primary symptoms of CDS. Dismissal of those who dissent is accompanied by blind acceptance of scientific ‘authorities’ and ‘majorities’ that do not exist.

What we do know about climate change is quite unsettling to the ‘settled’ science behind Climate Derangement Syndrome. One single fact – that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant – is alone capable of curing the disease.

But acknowledgement of that fact would destroy the Left’s political weapon – one aimed at changing the political climate, not the planetary climate.

Thus, one could go on and on with a litany of scientific facts contradicting the ‘settled science,’ but it would be of little value in protecting oneself from contracting CDS via political injection.

Since scientific facts aren’t even raised or debated by the Left in its moral attacks on capitalism and freedom, the only way to inoculate oneself against CDS is with a moral vaccine that is Just Right.

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