Aug 052018

Need to shine a light on today’s most important political and social controversies? Apparently the place to go is to the intellectual ‘dark web’ or perhaps even to the critical ‘darker’ web where disagreements abound, but honesty, a respect for free speech, and a general sincere desire to improve humanity’s condition seem to be the common ground on which its debaters stand.

In their quick review of a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ on the ‘dark web,’ Robert and Danielle highlight the contrasts and similarities among its most notable representatives – whether on the Left or Right. They include Gad Saad, Joe Rogan, Camille Paglia, Owen Benjamin, Lindsay Shepherd, Christina Hoff Somers, Douglas Murray, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Steven Crowder, Matt Christensen – and of course, Eric Weinstein.

In his recent conversation with Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson (Rubin Report, June 29/18), Weinstein proposed “hermaphroditic parties” that ‘combine’ elements of right and left. Of course, such a notion is one that can only emanate from the Left. But his is a ‘Left’ largely disassociated from its namesake (where no debate or discussion is permitted) – and thus finds itself, like the Right, on the so-called ‘dark web.’

Whether on the Left or Right, members of the ‘dark web’ generally tend to be united in a search for ‘truth’ through open and honest debate and discussion.

The irony of all this of course, is that in order to create the free speech environment where true alternative viewpoints can be freely discussed, it was necessary to move toward the side of the political polarity that is Just Right.

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