Aug 262018

Canadians were shocked recently when Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused a woman attending a public rally in Quebec of being racist. What made the accusation shocking was that it was a response to a strictly fiscal question.

Trudeau was simply being asked the same question being put to him by many Canadian provincial premiers, including Ontario’s Doug Ford. In essence, when will Trudeau’s federal government reimburse the provinces for costs imposed upon them by federal policies that encourage ‘illegal’ immigration into the country? With the provinces forced to foot the bill for an exclusively federal initiative, it’s a perfectly reasonable concern.

In attempting to solve the mystery of Trudeau’s irrational reaction to a perfectly valid question, Danielle and Robert are both forced to conclude that, since race was never even mentioned until he raised it, it is Trudeau who is the racist.

Worse, it now appears that the term ‘illegal’ when used as an adjective to describe those entering a country without going through due process – is ‘racist’ – especially if the person using the word happens to be white.

When it comes to race, it is rarely the color of a person’s skin that is ever at issue – it’s the color of a person’s ideas. As always, the race card is the Left’s way of deflecting any discussion away from this reality. We never did get Trudeau’s answer to the question.

Sad to say, it’s clear that what Trudeau means by ‘racist’ is anyone who challenges him in a manner that might be Just Right.

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