Sep 232018

California is a state in crisis, mostly self-imposed. Given its government’s Leftist mindset, the crisis is bound to deepen.

As if oblivious to the human excrement on the streets, the needles littering every block, and much more, California has focused instead on legislating everything from ‘straw bans’ to passing laws about the kinds of beverages restaurants must offer their customers. Because water prices are regulated by the state, the state is now rationing water, with threats of $1000/day fines for those households exceeding water usage of 55 gallons per day.

To ‘fix’ the California state-burdened economy, the state legislature is forcing an increase in the number of female directors on state corporate boards, arguing that this will ‘boost’ the economy as well. The forced sexual discrimination is accompanied with all the usual threats of fines and imprisonment for those who do not comply.

With this kind of thinking going on in government, small wonder that many have become hopelessly cynical about California’s future. Podcaster Bill Whittle has proposed that “the way to fix California is to take the liberal’s positions to their ultimate conclusions.” Danielle and Robert describe those conclusions as a bullet – “the bullet at the end of the gun that is government.”

Fortunately, the Left’s deterministic ‘conclusion’ is very different from the Right chosen ‘solution.’ It is a universal principle that government-run/regulated services restrict supply, force rationing, and create high costs. In contrast, the principle upon which private services operate, increases supply, and meets a market demand with low prices.

The ‘solution’ is simply to choose the option that is Just Right – which explains why California will instead remain Left, dealing with its ultimate conclusion.

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