Oct 112018

Signaling Left

‘Virtue signaling’ takes many forms, and generally refers to public expressions of ‘virtue’ that are considered anything but. ‘Virtue signaling’ is a favorite practice of the Left, as its collectivist philosophy naturally demands the abandonment of true virtue in its pursuit of sinister intentions.

That’s why the highly racist term ‘white privilege’ has been forced into our political lexicon. For the Left, this offensive term serves two political objectives. First, the term represents a direct accusation of racism directed against those whose skin color is ‘white.’ Why? To induce unjustifiable and unearned guilt on the part of the accused – holding ‘whites’ responsible for history itself. Second, the term serves as the Left’s ‘moral’ justification for its immoral socialist ‘redistribution of wealth’ (stealing) philosophy.

Alarmingly, the term ‘white privilege’ is used more frequently by ‘whites’ than others, even though seemingly directed against white people. For them, the term helps to disguise the real target of their racism – generally directed towards the same ‘visible minorities’ groups they pretend to want to help.

For evidence, just listen to the voices of the Left that you’ll hear on today’s broadcast. Better still, listen to the responding voices of the Right, voices now possible to hear thanks to the power of social media and the internet.

The first thing you will notice is that the philosophy of the Left is impossible to rationally defend in the light of knowledge and reason. That’s why, unable to persuade, the Left will eventually resort to what it has always done throughout history: “When persuasion fails, just use force.”

Genuine voices ‘of the right’ are very rarely, if ever, heard in traditional broadcast media, which has long been regulated by governments. Consequently, North America’s mainstream broadcast media, with few exceptions, represents the voice of a now highly-intolerant statist Left, one that routinely manufactures ‘fake news’ (while denying it) and that resorts to suppressing voices of the Right rather than engage them in debate.

Today, the internet and social media have become the battleground for the war of ideas that no longer exists in mainstream media – where the Left has already won that battle by monopolizing the media itself. Similarly, Leftists are now hard at work trying to censor, regulate, and control the internet – beginning with ‘virtue signaling’ and screams of racism and sexism to justify the unjustifiable.

For all their displays of ignorance and sinister intentions, Leftists have long been aware that the only way to send them into retreat is to confront the Left with knowledge and ideas that are Just Right.

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