Oct 182018

Signing the Declaration of Independence

The unprecedented frenzied and irrational reactions to Brett Kavanaugh’s recent Supreme Court appointment appear impossible to objectively explain. From the theatrics surrounding the outrageous allegations of Christine Blasey Ford, to pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court itself, ‘beyond reason,’ would be putting it mildly, based on the optics.

But the reason for the frenzied desperation over Kavanaugh is quite understandable (though morally unjustifiable), notes Salim Mansur as he guides us through a step by step recent history of the Democratic Party’s steady decline in power and influence. With mid-term elections at the doorstep, the Democrats will only add more fuel to a fire of their own making.

What the Democrats are trying to ‘burn’ in that fire is America itself, in particular, the values of individualism upon which America has been founded. In attempting to do so, they risk getting burned themselves, and so far that has been both the result and the cause of their frenzied and irrational reactions.

America has long been at war with itself – a ‘culture’ war fought between Left and Right – one that has now become visibly polarized around the fundamental concepts of nationhood itself. International globalism or national sovereignty? That is the question. A culture based on shared values, or a ‘culture’ of no/competing values? Open borders or national boundaries? Individual rights or group rights?

Though such concerns are universal and apply to all nations, it is only in the West where such options are actually entertained, ironically thanks to an already established culture of freedom. With all freedom comes perpetual choice. Is the West to live in a culture of freedom and individualism that we have come to know is Right, or in a failed culture of collectivism and identity politics that has always been a hallmark of the Left?

It’s back to basics, as the answers to such questions cannot be determined in a vacuum. Join us for an hour of discussion that not only fills in the vacuum, but helps to resolve these issues in a way that is Just Right!

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