Dec 202018

mass migration

With the signing of the United Nations Global Compact for Migration, it has been made clear that all of its signatories are globalist, socialist, and intent on destroying the cultures within the host countries slated for mass migration.

Touted as a ‘non-binding’ agreement by Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Germany’s Angel Merkel contrarily declared that when two-thirds of the United Nations member states agree to the Compact (as they did on December 10 in Morocco), then it becomes “legally binding for all (even for states that rejected it). That’s how majority decision-making works.”

While it is a universal truth that “that’s how majority decision-making works,” this is only valid if those making the decision have a clear mandate to do so from the people they are governing, and if consent from those governed was obtained in advance of any such decisions.

As Dr. Salim Mansur observes, the so-called ‘majority decisions’ are all being made only on behalf of migrants, with only migrant issues/concerns being addressed. Those already living in the host countries are rarely considered in the decision making process. Indeed, they are often treated as less than welcome in their own countries, and labeled as ‘racist’ or ‘anti-immigrant’ or advocates of ‘white privilege,’ etc., for voicing objections to any problems created by the flood of artificially inflated ‘migration.’

After decades of demonstrated failures, the globalist planners nevertheless continue undaunted. The devil is in the details and the details are alarming. It seems that every tragic lesson of history is simply being disregarded for a repeat performance.

How things got so bad so quickly is the tale told by Dr. Mansur as he describes how both the East and West have failed miserably in attempting to ‘develop infrastructure’ and establish peaceful cultures with their ‘top-down’ approaches to foreign development. Having failed to accomplish this impossible task, the planners are now opening the borders of the successful nations to ‘migrants’ from the failed states. In so doing, they are destroying the sovereignty of the host nations.

Evidence suggests that where successful development in countries around the world has actually occurred, it was achieved by allowing them to develop on their own – in a way Just Right to suit their respective cultures.

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  1. Hi, love the show and want to download. Can’t find anywhere to do so. Any help greatly appreciated P.S. I’m blind and it would be very handy to be able to do this. Thanks much in advance, Jim Fidler

  2. Those who died in two world wars did so for nothing. The totalitarian one world govt idea they fought against coming in through the front door is now coming in through the back door with this new world order policy. No one is talking about this tragic and obvious irony. R

  3. Death of the nation state, philip bobbitt the shield of achilles.

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