Mar 142019


Like them or not, the labels of ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ are invariably used in the political war of words that rages perpetually. As ideological identifiers, they are fundamental and necessary.
While those on the Left often proudly boast their ideological affiliation with the Left, those on the Right have been shamed into avoiding their proper and commendable political affiliation. Today, being labeled ‘extreme right wing’ is considered the ultimate insult since it has been falsely associated with the evils of fascism, an ideology of the Left.
This problem has become particularly visible (though not understood) thanks to the debates seen and heard on social media, where accusations of being ‘extreme’ right, racist, fascist, etc have become the common pejorative used by the Left against its opponents. 
This has made it possible for many on the Left to justify censoring or banning the ‘extreme right’ from social media.  Ironically, social media has been monopolized by the Left – communists, fascists, socialists, and ‘progressives.’
Worse, Left and Right have been described as two ends of an imaginary ‘spectrum’ usually illustrated with a straight line.  Understandably, this has forced many to politically identify themselves as being in the ‘center’ – the only possible position on this scale that can distance them as far from each tyrannical and totalitarian ‘extreme’ as possible. 
In so doing, they have fallen into the very trap set for them by those on the Left, who consciously and deliberately moved fascism from its long known and established position on the Left to the Right side of the newly created fake ‘spectrum.’  Thus, the Left deprived the Right of its ‘Rightful’ place where freedom, individualism, and capitalism reside.
Those claiming to be in the ‘center’ insist that they are not ‘extremists,’ and argue that they choose some of their political policies from the left and some from the right.  Yet, on this political ‘spectrum,’ each side is an ‘extreme’ so those who argue that they support some kind of ‘mix’ between these two extremes are still picking extreme positions (i.e., a little bit of communism mixed with a little bit of fascism).
Missing entirely from this fictional spectrum, of course, is any legitimate place for freedom or capitalism. 
Without a proper political compass (tyranny on the Left, freedom on the Right) to guide people in the political direction they actually wish to move, there will never be a choice for those who support freedom, individualism or any philosophy that is Just Right.

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