Mar 212019

Brenton Tarrant

No sooner had last week’s tragic events in New Zealand unfolded than the mainstream media instantly politicized its narrative surrounding the terrorist attack. The urgency of this action was necessitated by the fact that the terrorist had published and distributed a written ‘manifesto’ entitled ‘The Great Replacement Towards A New Society’ prior to his attack. It is a ‘manifesto’ outlining easily recognizable Left-wing values and objectives that could prove to be an embarrassment to those on the Left if ever associated with terrorism.

Naturally, the media pulled out its most powerful weapon: the Label Gun. Relying on the term ‘right-wing’ as a pejorative, the Label Gun is a political weapon that shoots ‘right wing’ labels at those who present any threat to the Left – including Leftists themselves.

This is done in the hopes that the label will stick and keep the Left distanced from the consequences of its own beliefs. Thus, Brenton Tarrant was immediately labeled a ‘right-wing’ terrorist by the mainstream media, despite all the available evidence making it abundantly clear that Tarrant is motivated and driven by Leftist ideologies and goals.

“The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China,” writes Tarrant in his manifesto, words not unlike those heard in Canada from Canada’s Leftist Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau. Which makes him a ‘right-winger’ in the eyes of the media.

Calling himself an environmentalist (a doctrine of the Left) and a fascist (also an ideology of the Left), Tarrant expressed his outright hatred for conservatism, free markets, and capitalism (all associated with the Right). But of course, this makes him a ‘right-winger’ in the eyes of the media.

“When I was young I was a communist, then an anarchist, and finally a libertarian before coming to be an eco-fascist,” he wrote. Despite all of these ideologies being rooted in Leftist metaphysics and epistemology, this makes him a ‘right-winger’ in the eyes of the media.

And in the ‘facts don’t matter’ attitude that we have seen consistently exhibited by those on the Left, he argues that ‘emotions’ are what should rule human behavior (“Emotions rule over facts.”) Which of course makes him a ‘right-winger’ in the eyes of the media.

And despite the fact that about Donald Trump he wrote: “As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no,” the mainstream media has reported that Tarrant ‘praised’ Trump – based on his observation that Trump is white – “as a symbol” of “white identity.” This is not ‘praise’ by any stretch of the imagination – except in the imagination of the mainstream media. But to a media having declared his ‘praise’ for Donald Trump, Tarrant is a ‘right-winger.’

On and on and on and on go the persistent and never-ending lies and misrepresentations of our so-called ‘fourth estate’ – all wrapped in the convenient label of ‘right-wing.’

No strategy or tactic is as powerful as the Label Gun that shoots ‘right-wing’ labels. With labels as ammunition, those targeted by the Label Gun cannot defend themselves unless they learn how to disarm those labels with an even more powerful weapon that transcends politics: clear definitions and a commitment to discovering the truth.

This consists of making two things abundantly clear. (1) As the political polarity representing individual freedom and capitalism, the label of ‘Right’ must come to be regarded as a virtuous compliment. (2) As the political polarity representing all forms of collectivism (racism, sexism, fascism, communism, socialism, etc) and state control, it is the Left that must be recognized and condemned for all the evil sins it blames on the Right.

A proper epistemology is the only way to disarm the Left’s political Label Gun, thus rendering it powerless. Consider this the only call for ‘gun control’ that would ever be Just Right by us.

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