Mar 282019

American Flag

When labeling opponents ‘extreme right wing,’ those on the Left most frequently use that label as a pejorative to attack an individual messenger. In contrast, when those on the Right use the ‘Left’ label, they most frequently use it to identify the idea(s) they find objectionable and apply that label to the larger collective that is Left.

Sad to say, the Left has been winning the label war in the political arena. In addition to the Left’s ‘extreme right’ pejorative, they have contrived other anti-concepts like ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘carbon pollution’ as effective labels to compromise their opponents. They do this because it works, and it works because those on the Right keep trying to avoid being labeled. The consequences are devastating to those on the Right and will continue to be so until the Right rises to define itself correctly as being Right, rather than allowing itself to be defined by the Left.

The irony is that the Left intentionally associates ‘extreme right wing’ with racism, fascism, Islamophobia, hate, and a whole host of negative associations that properly align with the Left. Those who call someone ‘extreme right wing’ do not associate their pejorative with freedom – life, liberty, property – even though these are the very values that are properly represented by the Right, and the values to which the Left objects.

As a consequence, the Left’s victory in the political war of labels has been won by default – thanks to a disarmed and manipulated Right, one conditioned to be ashamed by its own identity. Those on the Left do not fear being labeled ‘left wing,’ extreme or otherwise. The same cannot be said for those on the Right, who retreat or become defensive on being labeled ‘right.’

Thanks to the misdirection of the Left, the political direction continually avoided and therefore missed is the one that is Just Right – which explains why the political world keeps turning Left.

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