Apr 112019

Bernie Sanders

It has recently been announced that Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign will focus on “exposing socialism,” a welcome objective to be sure, but no easy task.

Socialism appears in a myriad of forms, many individual components recognizable, yet with socialism’s greater destructive ideology remaining invisible to its victims.

For example, few would recognize socialism in government efforts to ‘fight climate change.’

To ‘fight climate change,’ governments have imposed what they call a ‘carbon tax’ or a ‘price on carbon’ – citing ‘carbon pollution’ as something that needs to be eliminated in order to keep the climate from changing.

Yet, so-called ‘carbon taxes’ exist for one reason and one reason only – as forced wealth redistribution schemes. And that’s socialism, not climate fighting.

In Canada, the federal government has begun redistributing its newly imposed ‘carbon’ taxes in the most blatant and undeniable way possible: by encouraging Canadians to ‘claim their climate action incentive payments’ redistributed from ‘carbon’ taxes imposed on natural gas and gasoline.

In Ontario where the ‘carbon taxes’ were just imposed on April 1, bewildered taxpayers called open line shows to express their anger at the idea of being ‘taxed just to be given the taxes back.’ None could understand the logic behind doing this, since all were misled to believe that the government was actually serious about ‘fighting climate change’ – which is simply not so.

It’s time for people to intellectually arm themselves by learning that socialism is the political manifestation of the Left, and the Left in all its forms represents an ideology of destruction. If there’s one thing socialism is not, it’s social. Socialism should really be called ‘Socialisn’t.’

To change the narrative about socialism that so far has always been just Left, the real challenge in ‘exposing socialism’ is to define socialism in a way that’s Just Right.

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