Dec 212023

Since October 7 the attack on Israel by Hamas has dominated the world stage. Though initial global reaction sympathized with the Israeli victims, it was not long before Western public sentiment had expressed a surprising level of moral support for the actions of Hamas, accompanied by open calls for the death of Jews.

Why the Jewish culture has been so hated and condemned throughout history has never been explained in a way that can withstand the test of time. To help broaden our discussions about the nature of Israel and Jewish traditions, our guest Irving Weisdorf – as a secular Jew himself – offers his own perspective and experience within the Jewish tradition.

With a traditional stress on education and hard work combined with an ethic of “being the best that you can be,” that philosophy goes a long way towards explaining why the Jewish culture is so successful. It may also help explain the real motivation behind anti-Semitism as being a “hatred of the good for being the good,” as described by Ayn Rand.

Whether this proves to be the explanation that is Just Right is something that can only be determined in an open forum of free discussion involving the nature of good and evil itself.

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Oct 052023

Canada’s unconscionable support of the most corrupt and evil regime on the planet – Ukraine – is consistent with its federal parliament having unanimously given two standing ovations (on September 22) to one of the most evil Nazi war criminals on the planet – Yaroslav Hunka.

So why is the Canadian parliament now pretending to be so embarrassed about honoring this Nazi, while simultaneously speaking with moral righteousness and pride about honoring another Nazi – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy?

More significantly, why is Canada so determined to support an openly Nazi regime responsible for unspeakable and reprehensible acts of murder terrorism and torture in Ukraine for many years now?

Our guest Salim Mansur offers a deeply uncomfortable response to these questions, forcing a discussion of one of the most taboo subjects anywhere. Taboo, because the reality of “Jewish Nazis” has become universally denounced as a contradiction in terms, and there are interests who want to keep that myth alive. As a safe haven for thousands of unvetted Nazis since the end of WW2, Canada is home to many of these interests, which explains much of the motivation behind Trudeau’s hatred of the Russians.

When Putin originally announced that he intended to “de-Nazify Ukraine” he was being quite literal and precise about the nature of the conflicts there. If Salim’s prediction that Putin will soon be “flinging the evidence (of Nazi criminality) in the face of the Western world” should come to pass, then the next move to take that would be Just Right is to “de-Nazify Canada.”

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828 – The crisis narrative—from 9/11 to 2023

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Sep 142023

In marking the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, we looked into our own archive to see how we ourselves were discussing what is today understood to have been a state orchestrated false flag, and what we said in 2001 was alarming. Our first public discussion on this criminal state psyop took place on September 19 2001, only eight days following what the late documentarian Graham McQueen recently called “the worst event since World War 2.”

The “Left Right and Center” panel discussion that aired on CJBK AM radio 1290 in London Ontario with host Jim Chapman, London lawyer Jeff Schlemmer, and Freedom Party president Robert Metz presented a shockingly prophetic narrative in the context of today’s dystopia. Significantly, there was no mention of Osama Bin Laden, no mention of any identifiable foreign enemies, and not even any mention of the term “9/11” which did not come into popular usage until it was later associated with a series of false narratives spread by American officials.

It is easy to have forgotten that in the first days following September 11, the only context of the public discussion was focused on the government’s agenda for dealing with “terrorism.” That agenda included lockdowns, censorship, the issuance of “identity cards” and a call to go to war against some as yet unknown enemy. Worse, Americans were being asked to express a “willingness to temporarily sacrifice some of their constitutional protections in the name of making America a safer place for everyone.”

Sound familiar? It was the identical crisis narrative being repeated today with respect to Covid, climate change, Russia, Ukraine, the stolen American election, the assassinations of American presidents and leaders and every current act of treason perpetrated by the deep state again surfacing in the state manufactured crises’ of 2023. Their entire agenda – from 9/11 to 2023 – has always been predicated on a state murdering its own citizens, while transitioning everyone else into submissive slaves. This is a difficult pill to swallow, no matter how you look at it.

Perhaps the most prophetic words to come out of our September 19/01 discussion occurred with the following observation by Metz:

“You will know that your civil liberties are infringed upon when the state tells you that you can’t meet, you can’t have more than four people at your house at one time, or you can’t say what you want.”

It is now 2023. Been there. Done that. And they’re still doing it.

Being able to predict the future in a way that turned out to be Just Right was simply one consequence of understanding the principles that eventually led to the creation of this radio broadcast/podcast bearing the same name.

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821 – Democracy reconsidered—in the light of freedom

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Jul 272023

The manipulation of language and definitions is the primary tool of state control and tyranny. Arbitrarily replacing established definitions with anti-concepts makes for effective propaganda. The words “democracy” and “freedom” are perhaps two of the most manipulated concepts in this regard.

For example, witness Joe Biden’s obsessive compulsion with “democracy,” by which he means tyranny and censorship. Then contrast Biden’s “democracy” with that of Tucker Carlson’s “democracy” – a society synonymous with freedom and in which freedom of speech is paramount.

Paradoxically, each view is valid depending on the context and specific application. The paradox lies in the fact that, like freedom, democracy is more a political “condition” than an established system of governance.

Just as freedom arises when governments protect their citizens’ right to life, liberty and property, so too democracy arises to the extent that “the people” become involved in the process of governance. However, unrestricted by the principles underlying freedom, democracy permits “the people” to violate each other’s rights to life, liberty and property – subject only to a “majority” vote.

Thus the debate over defining a nation’s political “condition” (freedom, democracy) and “form” (republics, constitutionally limited monarchies, etc) carries on without any firm resolution regarding the true nature of a democracy.

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818 – DemocraZy—the politics of the Left

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Jul 062023

Democracy and freedom of speech go hand in hand. Yet today, those preaching “democracy” the loudest are busy legislating censorship and state regulations against freedom of expression.

Canada has recently passed Bill C-18, the Online News Act, yet another nail in the legislated coffin of free speech in that country. The Act is designed to extort funds from social media platforms that feature Canadian news reports, and to distribute that money to state favored Canadian news propaganda outlets.

In response, Facebook and others chose to eliminate all Canadian news content from their platforms entirely. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau then announced that it was “extremely disappointing to see that Facebook continues to refuse to accepts its responsibility towards our democracies by refusing to pay the fair share for Canadians to get local news and independent, rigorous journalistic content.”

For Trudeau and the Left, a government enforced “responsibility towards our democracies” is also their official cause cited for everything from mandated lockdowns and vaccinations to fighting climate change and waging war against Russia.

More ominously, the Canadian government is planning to introduce an Online Safety Act allowing it to jail and/or fine those it considers guilty of disseminating “hate speech” or of spreading “misinformation” or “disinformation.” This is ironic, given that the Trudeau government itself routinely does these things as a matter of course.

For the Left, these terms are epistemological weapons used to justify the censorship of those who disagree with them. That’s why those who accuse others of hate speech are always those who “hate speech” that is Just Right.

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807 – Trans unreality versus the ultimate binary

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Apr 202023

Touted as an “International Day of Trans Visibility,” what was recently made visible to the entire world is that the so-called “Trans” community consists of mentally ill political activists utterly disconnected from reality.

Thanks to Chris Elston, otherwise known as “Billboard Chris,” the world was able to directly witness the violent behavior of “Trans-activists” as police, members of the media and the activists themselves, not only denied seeing the assaults, but accused the victims of violence instead of the perpetrators.

Trying to make sense out of visibly irrational behavior leaves many bewildered, frustrated, and even angry. But at the root of the division between those who perceive reality and those who do not lies the ultimate binary: the metaphysical foundation of human thought and thinking.

Philosophically identified as the conflict between the “primacy of consciousness” and the “primacy of existence,” Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff described that conflict in terms of how people perceive and understand existence (reality) itself. Continue reading »

806 – Trans formation—and the binary reality of sex and politics

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Apr 132023

The uncivilized and violent behavior of so-called “trans-activists” is a direct consequence of their conflict with reality itself. It’s not the people they attack that they hate; they hate themselves.

Unable to justify their thoughts, feelings or actions, they blame that inability on the reaction of rational individuals to their epistemological dysfunction. They are angry and frustrated because their concepts and definitions do not describe or define anything objective or real.

In terms of “gender identity,” reality dictates that there are only two sexes: male and female. Similarly, in terms of political identity, there are only two polarities: Left and Right.

Accurate definitions are the key to discovering what is real and what is truth. Reality can only be apprehended by using real definitions of real concepts that actually exist in nature – another way of describing reality. Continue reading »