Apr 302020

Who can we believe? The growing gap between projected cases of COVID-19 in statistical models and the contrary evidence being revealed by daily accumulating data is becoming impossible to ignore.

Similarly, the permanent gap between Left and Right has also become impossible to ignore. Those on the Left want the shutdown to continue indefinitely, since that serves their communist and fascist ideologies of state control, prohibition, and censorship. The COVID-19 shutdown is a Leftist’s wildest dream come true. Those on the Right insist that the shutdowns be ended, claiming that there is no longer a need to do so in light of the fact that all of the fears originally justifying them are no longer an issue.

But more and more, the COVID-19 crisis is looking like a déjà vu of the climate change crisis, the United Nations-led conspiracy to destroy capitalism on a global scale.

Indeed, the very same propaganda tactics and terminology for fighting climate change are now being used for fighting the coronavirus. For example, what were once ‘climate change deniers’ are now ‘coronavirus deniers.’

Deplatforming, demonetizing and censoring dissenting views on social media have become part of the keep-things-shut-down strategy, as California doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi (who are both featured on today’s broadcast) discovered when YouTube removed their media briefing earlier this week.

As with fighting climate change, fake news is another weapon against ending the shutdown, based on the Trump Derangement Syndrome that consumes the Left, as it simultaneously opposes finding any cures or treatments for COVID-19.

And just as with fighting climate change, when it comes to ending the COVID-19 shutdown, politicians insist that ‘science’ will be the determinant of their actions. Yet, this has never been the case with either issue.

Meanwhile, police state tactics forcing ‘social distancing’ are unconscionable and violate every principle upon which a free society is based. Talk of ‘managing’ the economic recovery is that of communists and fascists announcing that the state is now permanently in charge of private enterprise and business.

This is no longer a viral pandemic. It is a political, economic, and social disaster, made possible by decades of drifting morally, intellectually, and politically Leftward. Fuelled by the evil and inverted morality of altruism, the Left condemns the ‘selfishness’ of those who wish to independently survive and praises the ‘sacrifice’ of those forced to give up their livelihoods and freedoms.

For these and many more reasons, the odds of our governments ever doing anything Just Right again are beginning to look pretty slim.

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