May 072020

According to a report by NewsWars (May 6, 2020) “U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres called for global leaders to ‘use the pandemic recovery’ to roll out their global climate change agenda, including allowing fossil fuel companies to collapse and using taxpayer stimulus money to fund green jobs.”

It was inevitable. COVID-19 meets climate change, two issues that have more in common than most expect. Right now, many ‘Green’ activists are in support of the politicians and health care officials who wish to extend the shut down indefinitely and thereafter maintain current state controls and regulations on all aspects of daily living.

With last week’s release of the environmental documentary Planet of the Humans, an interesting philosophical dilemma has surfaced. Produced by Left-wing environmentalists Michael Moore, Jeff Gibbs, and Ozzie Zehner, it should not be surprising that the movie is utterly anti-life and anti-capitalist. But shockingly to those both on the Left and the Right, the documentary presents a brutal and honest account of the environmental destruction wrought by ‘green’ alternate energy initiatives, particularly wind, solar, and biomass.

Given the abject environmental failure of the very initiatives once endorsed by the movie’s producers, they have now changed their tactics, identifying more with the destructive results of the state-imposed COVID-19 shutdown.

Writer Jeff Gibbs illustrates the central objective of the climate change campaign by viewing the current shut-down as an opportunity to create a society where “Less is more.” That contradiction, turned into an ideal, lies at the root of the environmental movement’s philosophy. Certainly, if the object of one’s intentions is to create ‘less,’ then the shut down is a perfect demonstration of how that can be done. The ‘more’ part is what’s difficult to demonstrate.

“The solution is to do less,” suggests Gibbs, “we get to be lazier and not mow the lawn… wildflowers and butterflies will come back. This (shut down) is causing us to use less energy, to travel less, to consume less, to buy less.”

Adds Moore: “This isn’t really a discussion about renewable energy but about who we are and why we allow a system of greed, the profit motive, perpetual growth, how we structure the economy…”

Moore’s revelation that ‘renewable energy’ and CO2 campaigns have only been used as distractions to destroy the free economy known as capitalism is an explicit admission of hidden motivations – motivations perfectly in line with those who want to see the shutdown extended and government powers increased.

With all the distracting talk of ‘less is more’ and ‘doing’ less, we eventually discover that the real thing they want ‘less of’ is to be found in the title of their documentary: people.

Seen in this light, “Less is more” becomes the slogan of a death cult and is as irrational as it sounds. For those more inclined towards rationality, in this context ‘Less is Moore’ is what sounds Just Right to us.

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