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Few in Canada associate their health care system with tyranny or totalitarianism. Yet Canada’s failing state health care has played a major role in the nation’s descent into tyranny. Instead of providing health care, our governments have been subjecting us to an orchestrated campaign of health scares, all calculated to justify the establishment of a police state.

To demonstrate this, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ordered the arbitrary imprisonment of individuals as part of his Great Reset agenda. After announcing a series of outrageous and irrational ‘covid’ restrictions concerning Canadians returning to Canada on international flights, it soon became clear that his edicts, even when obeyed, are irrelevant.

Already, we have seen that anyone can be arrested, locked in prison, and be given no reasons, no recourse, no compensation. It makes no difference whether or not individuals comply with Canada’s fascist ‘covid’ orders or not. That’s because the government’s agenda is utterly unrelated to any ‘pandemic.’

To execute that agenda, police in Canada are now serving a fascist state, not Canadian citizens. Examples of police arresting and jailing peaceful citizens for a host of arbitrary reasons are legion – and Canadians have little recourse. There are simply no words available to adequately condemn both the police and the politicians who are giving them their orders.

Canada ceased being a truly free nation many decades ago, but few noticed because most Canadians eagerly traded their freedom for a false sense of security. Universal state-funded single-payer health care was the bait, and Canadians swallowed it. Today it is a system that – in a declared effort to ‘flatten the curve’ – has become an instrument of their political imprisonment.

And yet, the greatest tragedy surrounding this state of tyranny is that a significant number of Canadians support it, according to recent opinion polls. Even among those awakening to the reality of the situation, many believe that their still-existing freedom is merely being threatened by some kind of ‘creeping’ police state when the police state they fear has long been firmly established. The mere fact that lockdowns of the nature experienced over the past year are even possible already confirms this. And of course, there is another group of Canadians utterly oblivious to the fascism, even as they support and comply with fascist orders and edicts.

Canada is simply no longer a free nation by any stretch of the imagination. Consider what has been justified in the name of flattening the curve of a broken and bankrupt state-run health care monopoly.

Canadians have been subject to lockdowns, daily mainstream media barrages of state propaganda, fines, arrests, imprisonment, censorship, de-platforming of freedom-oriented content, mandated masking, compelled social distancing, the destruction of small business and enterprise, snitch lines, mass protests, travel bans, a lack of due process, the closing of churches and places of worship, having no legislatures in session, restricted access to the courts, mandated vaccinations, tracing, tracking, fake news, corrupt bureaucrats, prohibitions on effective treatments against coronavirus, prohibitions on freedom of association, the banning of citizen dissent, the de-platforming of qualified and authoritative opposing medical opinions, corrupt politicians, and an agenda to prevent the dissemination of truth. All of these actions are fascist, and can only be enforced in a police state.

There will be no end to the physical lockdowns until there is first an end to the lockdowns on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the freedom that all dictators fear the most. After all, in the light of knowledge and truth, citizens may discover that it is they who should be locking up their politicians, not the other way round. And that would be a Great Reset that’s Just Right.

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  2 Responses to “692 – Health scare – and the police state”

  1. ———- Original Message ———-
    From: Richard Courtemanche
    To: Prime Minister/Premier Ministre
    Cc: “steven.guilbeault” , “bill.blair” , “david.lametti” , “erin.otoole”
    Date: February 5, 2021 at 3:59 PM
    Subject: By far the Worse PM and Government, ever!

    Dear Ministers, PCO and bureaucrats,

    How could this have happened to a once-more-democratic country like Canada!

    So much political corruption, incompetence, idiocies, indifference!

    The sociopath, perhaps psychopath even, couldn’t have created that on his own. Servile ministers and staff lost their patriotism and self-respect to turn on their fellow Canadians. Rising Socialism… Communism engineered within our governmental structures with the assistance of a bribed media and little political opposition.

    So generous and subservient to China that continues to subjugate us while their princess is treated lavishly and our two Michaels are slaves. Canada has given so much internationally including China. So naive, we are! Is our present government so devoid of intellect, wisdom and diplomacy where our ‘leader’ is only Little Potato! Demoralizing.

    Politicians and public servants committing moral and spiritual suicide. Has personal self-preservation superseded your responsibility to patriotically serve the nation! Accomplices to treason! Bowing to an empty emperor, all-flash no substance. A puppet to the machinations that hide in the background and you pulling his strings driving his irrational ideologies.

    An anti-nationalist and PM fraudster who is utterly a void, a talking head for postmodern rhetoric, meaningless psychobabble spewing virtue signalling and completely unworkable policies. The narcissist is something created out of a high school “communications course” responsible for such idiotic rhetoric as, “It will be as easy as a bridge if only we would unite like a twin!”

    What to say about the witless fools who have chosen him to lead this nation through a crisis he largely has created!

    Are my factual truths the kind Stephen Guilbeault wants to censor from the network in order to prevent further depreciation of your party’s deeply tarnished reputation! Here’s a priority, Stephen: Eradicate despicable and destructive Pornhub, apparently headquartered in Montreal, and the likes from networks and communities. Or, is that one of Justin’s untouchable venues sustaining his lifestyle!

    Bill Blair’s persistence to take away weapons from responsible law-abiding citizens. You have to be a hypocrite to continue harassing Canadians when you know darn well that you can’t do anything significant with armed criminals! Reflects poor judgement.

    Blair designating Proud Boys as a terrorist entity, the only country to do so. No hearings and no appeals. Certainly doesn’t meet the ideological criteria for terrorist designation. How cowardly! Socialism indeed. A group where men can be manly, patriotic, drinking club. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood, a reputed terrorist group so designated in many countries including the Middle East, intimidates our ‘leaders’ and continues to plan Jihads in our governments, institutions and communities. What about ISIS fighters Trudeau welcomed in his ‘tolerance and accommodation’ hypocrisy and are now sleeping cells awaiting the call for action! If you have a problem surging with Whites, Bill, blame Trudeau’s racist policies subjugating them.

    So, get our government back in order and serve Canadians according to the Constitution.


    Richard Courtemanche

    Peace, Order and Good Government

  2. Meanwhile, the tyrannical politicians, bureaucrats, media barons, big business, multi-billion$ NGO’s, are secure in their compounds and police protection so that this fascism has no effect on them. It’s time for a greater number of Canadians got their heads out of the sand and recognize ‘the establishment’ is committing crimes against humanity on an unprecedented scale. (Time for the Nuremberg Trials?)

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