Feb 112021

The phenomenon known as ‘Q’ or ‘Qanon’ has increasingly attracted the condemnation and criticism of the mainstream media. That’s a sure sign that there is something about ‘Q’ that warrants our attention, something the ‘deep state’ does not want discussed.

Following dashed expectations that there would be some kind of major military action taken against various members of the ‘deep state’ by inauguration day (as predicted in some ‘Q’ narratives), many of ‘Q’s followers began to accuse the movement of being a ‘psyop’ operation for the ‘deep state’ itself. To add insult to injury, critics continue to associate clearly outrageous conspiracy theories with ‘Q’ followers. In so doing, they are attempting to deflect attention from those narratives more closely resembling the truth.

This has caused a deep ‘rift’ within the ‘Q’ movement, with the disappointed and demoralized side now accusing the other of suffering from ‘hopium,’ a term coined to describe the unwarranted optimism associated with those remaining faithful to the greater ‘Q’ narrative.

Yet, various stories continue to surface which suggest that the new administration in Washington remains deeply concerned about ‘Q’, as if to confirm that this movement does indeed present a serious threat to the ‘deep state.’ And General Michael Flynn, who boldly announced that Trump would retain his presidency into the current term, continues to suggest that this is so.

To say that confusion abounds regarding the current state of political affairs in the United States is an understatement. With troops expected to continue surrounding the Capitol until April, it’s beginning to look more and more like the truth will ultimately prove to be far stranger than any fictions.

To be sure, there are an infinite number of ‘conspiracies’ and ‘theories’ from which to choose. The ‘deep state’ wants no discussion about these theories because some of them are true, particularly those regarding the reality of a stolen election and its serious implications.

The ‘deep state’ prefers censorship, knowing that it is only through freedom of speech and open discussion that it is possible to construct any ‘conspiracy’ narrative that is Just Right.

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