Mar 042021

In the political polarity of Left and Right, the Left represents a condition of tyranny and collectivism while the Right represents the condition of freedom and individualism.

It is tragic that so many who support freedom and individualism recoil from being labeled ‘Right,’ or otherwise avoid any political label entirely. It is tragic because such people have handed an epistemological victory to the Left, one that makes it nearly impossible to politically move in the Right direction – towards freedom instead of away from it.

Compounding the tragedy is the reason why most people are unaware of the correct Left-Right polarity as described above. There is a clear history demonstrating that it was those on the Left who contrived the false communism-fascism polarity of Left and Right. They succeeded in having this model taught in schools where they could indoctrinate people to believe that the political ‘spectrum’ places communism on the Left and fascism on the Right. But this is not so, and to believe so has tragic consequences for anyone who values freedom.

Why? Because missing from the Left’s political ‘spectrum’ model is any place for freedom and individualism, two political ideals diametrically opposed to both communism and fascism. The ‘spectrum’ model also creates the illusion of an imaginary ‘center’ or ‘middle of the road’ where one must be positioned to be at the greatest distance from each ‘extreme.’

But the imaginary ‘center’ is not freedom; it is literally a hybrid of the purported ‘extremes’ at each end of the ‘spectrum’ – communism/fascism (i.e., just Left). An equal mixture of both forms of Leftist tyranny, if you will. And that’s exactly the political direction in which we are moving today.

For those who support freedom, failing to take pride in being labeled ‘Right’ not only deprives you of any political identity, but it also allows the Left to turn the label of ‘Right’ into a weapon against the very values it represents.

In the game of politics, it’s define or be defined.

With most people sailing the polarized waters of Left and Right without a working political compass, it will be a long time before we can expect any movement in the direction that’s Just Right.

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  1. Great show as usual. You should send it to Peterson, Saad and the gorgeous Amazing Poly. Cheers Robby

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