May 272021

The most remarkable thing about the so-called covid vaccine rollouts is how governments the world round have simply been ignoring or downplaying the incredible number of adverse reactions and deaths caused by them.

The numbers – and they’re official – are simply astronomical, far exceeding any limits that halted past vaccine roll outs in their tracks. Yet our governments, politicians and health care officials continue to assure us that the vaccines are safe and that negative reactions are exceedingly rare.

As a consequence, and in complete denial or ignorance of the true facts, millions continue to line up to get their shots. Despite the official statistics and despite efforts of thousands sounding the alarm, the number of injuries and deaths thus continue to accumulate. With their warnings falling on deaf ears, many are asking themselves whose voices might be convincing enough to alert members of the public to the dangerous risks they are taking?

To answer that question, one must consider the voices that are being censored and ‘fact-checked’ by the social media giants and corporate media. For example, thanks to Facebook’s censorship and fact checks we have been alerted to key experts in the field of vaccines who have been ‘insiders’ working for the major vaccine developers. What they have to say is both alarming and shocking.

For example, when Pfizer’s former chief scientist Michael Yeadon warns how and why continuing mass vaccinations are taking us to “gates of hell,” that should be reason to take notice. And when joined by the likes of world-renowned vaccine developer Dr Geert Vanden Bosche who is predicting “a global catastrophe without equal” because of the mass vaccinations, one would think that their voices would be among the primary authorities who should be heeded. Yet this is not what is happening.

“There is at present massive evidence that viral immune escape is now threatening humanity,” argues Vanden Bosche, who cites how the so-called ‘vaccines’ both destroy the natural immune system and create ‘gain of function’ viruses against which compromised immune systems cannot compete.

We can add their names to the thousands of doctors and specialists who have been warning against the gene therapies posing as vaccines since the very beginning of this manufactured pandemic.

Unfortunately, too many have been immunized against the facts and realities behind the ‘vaccine’ roll outs. On the other hand, more and more people are now avoiding the vaccines – which officials are labeling ‘vaccine hesitancy’ – thus creating a great level of confusion about who can be trusted to provide the facts on which to make an informed choice.

In trying to persuade others to make the right choice, it is a mistake to insist upon our own infallibility in this regard. All we can do is to provide the information they are not hearing from those whose agenda is to vaccinate everyone regardless of the risks.

Perhaps the best compass to use in determining where to look for reliable information are the social media sites like Facebook who more often than not point us in the right direction. How? By continuously censoring and ‘fact-checking’ those who repeatedly prove to be Just Right.

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