Jun 032021

In attempting to end our current authoritarian regime and to re-assert individual rights, it might be useful to discover how individuals ever triumphed over authoritarianism in the first place. It is a journey that can take us back to biblical days.

Individualism arose from the collective, not the other way round, asserts our guest Salim Mansur. It arose when individuals began to question authority, a theme illustrated by the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Having eaten fruit from the ‘tree of knowledge,’ that knowledge itself produced the phenomenon and recognition of free will and individual choice.

It is a mistake to speak of individualism as if it stands in complete isolation from any collective (not to be confused with collectivism). Paradoxically the terms ‘individualism’ and ‘individual rights’ have absolutely no meaning or context without some identifiable collective against which they can be contrasted – and which enshrines those values as being fundamental to that collective.

Today, many nations, provinces, and other jurisdictions no longer protect or defend the very individual rights that once justified their democratic and legal authority. Instead, their politicians and governments routinely violate these rights. They have apparently discovered that throughout history, fear has been the successful pretext for abridging individual freedom, and it is no different today.

Fear is the real virus that was created through a campaign falsely suggesting that there was a real virus that should be feared, a problem that could only be solved by injecting a ‘gene therapy’ created by those promoting all the fear.

Every tyranny in history was brought to its knees whenever enough people challenged the authority of those who abused their authority. Having used the pretext of a viral pandemic as an excuse to establish today’s tyrannical conditions, it is now up to those who are brave enough to question the authority of those politicians and health bureaucrats who have been ordering the lockdowns and mandates.

That’s why there is now a race to prevent that from happening, typified by the political frenzy to get people ‘vaccinated’. It is the very process of questioning and challenging authority that today terrifies those in power. This accounts for the unprecedented degree of censorship, continuing lockdowns, and authorizations that (under ‘emergency’ measures) as many people as possible get injected with dangerous unapproved ‘gene therapies.’

In order to challenge authority effectively, it requires both the knowledge and the courage necessary to act on one’s convictions because, as much as we might like to believe otherwise, it is never enough to simply be Just Right.

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  One Response to “709 – From the Garden of Eden to a garden of freedom—The rise of individualism within the collective | Salim Mansur”

  1. WAY, WAY off base on this one. Among /humans/, questioning authority is healthy. But NOT questioning the CREATOR’s authority. There simply IS NO higher authority – and it’s rejection of God’s authority that actually /paves the way/ for human tyranny, because in His absence, justice is tossed out the window and the STATE is then treated as the highest authority.

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