Jun 132021

Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada was arrested in the town of St. Pierre Jolys, Manitoba on June 11. Robert Vaughan discusses this dramatic event, unprecedented in Canadian history, with Professor, Salim Mansur.

“We are no longer an advanced liberal democracy, that is Canada. We have rapidly, over the past 15 months, turned into some third-world country, basically an Animal Farm, a totalitarian Animal Farm where there is one set of laws for me and another set of laws for you.” ~ Salim Mansur.

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  3 Responses to “The arrest of Maxime Bernier | Salim Mansur”

  1. Bastards! I’ve been on the attack.
    Now I will up my FPO promotions
    as the only alternative for Ontario.

  2. For the sake of clarity, can you tell me whether Mr. Bernier was arrested for having violated lockdown rules, or whether he was arrested simply for speaking out against the rules?

    • It is our understanding that he was arrested for allegedly violating Manitoba’s clearly unconstitutional COVID-19 health orders of participating in a public gathering of more than the approved number of people and for not quarantining after entering the province. The issue is that he was undoubtedly targeted and singled out by both the Premier and the RCMP for his political beliefs as no other politician or citizen has been treated as he has been treated.

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