Sep 022021

Persistent political superstitions shared by a majority of voters have long been a major obstacle to the establishment of any real choice at the election polls. Among them: a fear of ‘splitting the vote,’ ‘voting for the lesser of’ a given number of evils, ‘the wasted vote,’ ‘voting against instead of for,’ and others.

Referred to as variants of ‘strategic voting’ it may be better to label these voting fallacies as ‘strategic vote wasting’ because that is the ‘invariable’ result of ‘strategically’ voting. Worse, there is only one political direction towards which ‘strategic voting’ leads: Leftward.

It is possible that more Canadians are now awakening to this reality. Thanks to the tyrannical ‘Covid’ policies of all the political parties in Canada’s parliament, more Canadians are seeing Red and turning Purple – the official colour of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

To illustrate why this may be so, we are pleased to feature highlights of our discussions with PCC leader Maxime Bernier and New Brunswick PPC candidates Wayne Wheeler, Nicholas Pereira, and Jack Minor.

Ironically, the growing popularity of the PPC has become the very reason for those fearful that Justin Trudeau may get re-elected to vote ‘strategically’ for another party on the Left – even though they are in agreement with the principles of the PPC.

This truly is a very real manifestation of the ‘wasted vote’ and it has tragic consequences for the nation. By voting ‘strategically’ for any party currently sitting in parliament (all on the Left), they are betraying their own proclaimed principles and in the process demonstrating that they actually have no principles.

Given that the PPC is Canada’s only federal party on the Right, those who proclaim to believe in the values of ‘life, liberty and property’ have only one choice in this election: the People’s Party of Canada.

In the end, the great irony is that the best voting ‘strategy’ is to vote on principle, and by so doing, never ‘waste’ a vote even if the candidate voted for does not win the seat. Until more Canadians choose a political variant that is Just Right – on principle – their only ‘choice’ will be to move Leftward and forever lose their freedom.

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