Sep 092021

Speaking truth to power takes courage. And that courage was in full display at the People’s Party of Canada’s (PPC) ‘Ice Cream Rally’ held in Basil Grover Park in London Ontario where those speaking out against the pandemic of fascism included the London-area PPC candidates Kyle Free, Marc Emery, and Mike McMullen.

At the same August 31 event, also speaking out against tyranny were University of Western Ontario student Hannah Salamon-Vegh, Church of God Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, and Kristen Nagle, the registered nurse who was fired for objecting to the ‘Covid vaccination’ for children. It should not be surprising that these people of principle should be found in the PPC camp.

As Canada’s only federal party on the Right (where freedom is to be found), the PPC is the only party opposing the Covid lockdowns, censorship, mask mandates, and above all, forced ‘vaccinations.’ These are fascist policies so evil to their core that it boggles the imagination that Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats, and Greens are in full support of them. Together, these parties have established a tyranny unlike anything ever experienced in Canadian history.

When our interview last week with New Brunswick PPC candidate Jack Minor was removed from our YouTube channel, Just Right Media was also served with a notice (and penalty) informing us that we had violated the platform’s ‘Community Guidelines.’ Those guidelines explicitly prohibit any discussion opposing any fascist narratives about ‘Covid-19 vaccinations’ being spouted by the World Health Organization.

All forms of censorship are prohibitions against truth. That everyone from the World Health Organization to all of Canada’s political parties sitting in parliament should so fear the message of the PPC is a testament to the hidden power of truth and to the depth of their fear. Unable to persuade, they resort to the use of force, as collectivists of every age and time have repeatedly demonstrated.

With all of Canada’s parties in parliament sitting squarely on the tyrannical Left, the PPC is Canada’s only political party whose principles of ‘freedom, responsibility, fairness, and respect’ provide its candidates and leader Maxime Bernier with the values and courage to speak out against tyranny.

It’s now up to Canadian voters to muster their own courage and stop voting for the ‘lesser of evils’ by supporting the only political option they know to be Just Right – the PPC.

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  1. I have already cast my mail-in vote from Berlin, Germany, for Kyle Free. Good luck to the People’s Party!

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