Mar 102022

What do Covid-19, mandated vaccinations, rotating lockdowns, the stolen US election, coronavirus, bio-labs, genetic engineering, Russia, NATO, inflation, the Canadian and American Truckers’ convoy, the millions of adverse reactions to the mandated injections, mask mandates, climate change, censorship and the crisis in Ukraine all have in common?

On all these issues, the so-called ‘mainstream media’ has been relentlessly creating confusion and distrust in an effort to keep the public from recognizing the real nature of the threat: Globalism and the Great Re-set.

In addition to their steady stream of propaganda of lies and disinformation, globalists have been forced to resort to censorship and other instruments of tyranny to achieve their objectives. There are so many seemingly separate issues to disentangle from one another that the task seems insurmountable.

As each of the globalist narratives begins to crumble, doubt begins to enter the minds of those who originally believed them. And when one’s ‘truth’ has been shattered, a very personal crisis ensues. That’s because a ‘shattered truth’ can only be shattered through one’s own discovery and acknowledgement that some ‘other’ truth exists – a narrative that differs from the previously held belief.

The personal crisis ends when one can see the truth in a light that’s Just Right, even when the truth reveals an uncomfortable reality that isn’t right in any way.

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