Mar 172022

In observing the ‘mainstream’ media’s attempts to interpret Vladimir Putin’s strategy in Ukraine, one can see that they are at a loss because Putin’s actions do not match their own narratives, expectations, or Left-wing biases.

Despite Putin’s explicit and measured advance announcements regarding his intentions in Ukraine – and despite clear evidence that he has thus far followed through on them – Western media pundits appear to be completely confused about Putin’s strategy, to the point where their ‘confusion’ is suspect.

As a typical example, long-time syndicated British columnist Gwynn Dyer argued that Putin’s strategy was the result of “magical thinking.” He wrote: “Standard Russian doctrine for attacking a country the size of Ukraine calls for methodical advance, with massive artillery and air strikes paving the way and logistical support following close behind.”

Because Putin did not adhere to this ‘doctrine’ and instead followed through on his own declared intentions, Dyer resorted to what might be called ‘magical reporting’ by declaring Putin’s ‘invasion’ a failure and by never once mentioning the American-funded bio-labs already known to be in Ukraine. Known as ‘lying by omission,’ this practice has become a mainstay of the “fake news” media – in addition to simply lying by lying.

Watching the mainstream media pundits churn and squirm as they try to reconcile their fake narratives with the real circumstances in Ukraine surely has a certain entertainment value. However, the tragedy behind all of this fake news comedy is that there are still millions who believe the lies and drink the mind-poisoning ‘kool aid’ with the passion of a drug addict in need of a fix.

Particularly disturbing is the spectacle of citizens in Western nations clamouring to help and support a country as corrupt as Ukraine – while condemning those fighting the corruption. In their semi-conscious state induced by media propaganda, they’ll never be able to understand what’s ‘wrong’ in Ukraine, let alone ever discover what’s Just Right.

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