Jun 172022

Is Canada a nation in its death throes or a nation yet to be born? Given that we’ve never truly been an independent mature nation because of our history we may still be in the process of our political birth as an independent nation, maybe not the one we expected. Or maybe Canada is a tragedy that will never reach its potential because its political parents are in the process of aborting their political child of freedom. Or worse, that Canadians themselves are committing national suicide.

These questions, posed by Bob Metz on the June 2nd episode of Just Right are answered by our guest, Professor Salim Mansur of Western University who revisits Canada’s history from the 1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham through to the Truckers’ Convoy of 2022.

In the final analysis, he concludes, that Canada is and has been a vassal state—a nation dependent on others for its well-being. Prior to WWII, it was Great Britain. From WWII until the end of the Cold War it was the United States. And since then, Canada continues to be a vassal state of the Globalist neocons in Washington in league with the EU and the World Economic Forum.

At no time in our history has Canada shown itself to be a sovereign nation with its own interests. It has never shown itself to be a protector of individual rights. In contrast to the United States’ founding documents (the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) wherein the people are acknowledged as sovereign, Canada’s founding document, the 1867 BNA Act imitates the British system of parliamentary supremacy without reference to the people who are in effect to be controlled and administered.

The final test of Canada’s failure as an independent nation of free people was the truckers’ convoy. The imposition of the Emergencies Act, the brutal treatment of the peaceful protesters by police officers who concealed their identities, and the blatant violation of our Charter rights of free speech, freedom to peacefully assemble, and mobility rights point to Canada being a police state following the globalist agenda and dictates of the UN.

At the end of Professor Mansur’s detailed analysis of the events in Canada’s history which have led to the current tyrannical situation, he offers some thoughts on what is needed if Canadians, serious about their fundamental rights as a freedom-loving people, want Canada to be an independent and sovereign country instead of a vassal state administered by a subservient elite as clients of Globalists in Washington and the EU.

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