Jun 232022

The death toll from the mandated “Covid” vaccines is simply staggering. Even more staggering is how government officials, politicians, and the state-funded medical establishment can completely ignore the deaths and injuries of millions while continuing to prescribe and mandate the instrument of their deaths.

To avoid this reality – and their direct responsibility for causing these deaths – they have invented the term “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS). Worse, thanks to analysis of data accumulated over the years following the introduction of mass vaccinations in the 1960s, it now appears that this evasion of reality and responsibility was also behind the invention of the term “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS).

“For everybody out there that’s bragging that they’ve been vaccinated and they don’t have symptoms, what they don’t realize is that’s the equivalent of not waking up in a house fire.”

Dr Tau Braun’s chilling observation is but one of many similar statements made by a growing number of doctors, researchers, scientists and even undertakers, thanks to data now clearly available which consistently demonstrates a link between “vaccinations” and “sudden” deaths. The only way politicians can hide from this truth is through censorship, propaganda, and other coercive means. And that’s exactly what they are planning to do.

“The only things you should be frightened of are your governments’ reactions to this alleged threat, and the vaccines themselves,” warns former Pfizer chief (respiratory) science officer Dr Mike Yeadon. SADly, he’s Just Right.

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  3 Responses to “764 – The S.A.D.S. reality about vaccines”

  1. They are going to weaken america, it began with 9-11, trillions have vanished, stolen and on stupid wars, now covid and soon more bioweapons, weekly false flags until they take our guns, and then real pandemics and worse vaccines and the ridiculous digital currencies, that require something more deadly than the vaXXX to be injected into bodies. The dollar will become worthless as our economy totally collapses. Then WW3 will begin. They will nuke both coasts, and then Yellowstone will be nuked. Then the north and south borders. In one day, america will fall. Then maybe you will no who Isfake is and how they only thing they have done for you is destroy your life, liberty and happiness with the blood of innocent children and civilians.

    • I can’t help but wonder why some people understood what was happening right out of the gate! When they started all this all I had to do was listen to Dr. Fauci! None of it made any sense! The left was really pushing the fear of a cOvid and to wear a mask, we’re all in this together! Then every time you turned around they were seen in public without a mask! They weren’t afraid of it, the just wanted us to be! Our jobs were threatened about the jab and they let thousands of immigrants to pour across the border! I think the irony for these twisted people that caused this and the people who bought in that screamed at the unvaccinated and that we are killing folks! When it is said and done they are killing the ignorant that believed them! They didn’t bank on 80 million people saying, HELL NO! You know they didn’t take the jab!

  2. Covid is a smoke screen for radiation sickness (5G)

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