Aug 252022

Apparently, the Left was never adequately immunized against Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), the political virus that infected Democrats, globalists, the deep state, and the fake news media the first time Trump rose to power. Now the latest variant has emerged, a clear sign that Trump must once again be on the rise.

For example, Carleton University professor and journalist Andrew Cohen in an August 19 editorial “Right follows script after Mar-a-Lago search” wrote “The right exploded. They screamed, they seethed, they snarled. The words were not just shrill, they were terrifying. At times, they encouraged violence. These are the new Republican rules of order in public debate. Rush to judgment. Ignore facts. Enter shooting. Empty your arsenal. Deny. Attack. Restraint is no virtue. Insanity is no vice.”

And then there was American philosopher, author, and podcast host Sam Harris, whose TDS infection has exposed a moral vacuum devoid of any principle or values whatever.

While openly citing evidence demonstrating Biden’s corruption (but offering none regarding Trump), Harris argued “Whatever the scope of Joe Biden’s corruption is… it is infinitesimal compared to the corruption we know Trump is involved in.” This, after proudly proclaiming that he “would not have cared” if Hunter Biden had “the corpses of children in his basement.”

Lawyer and commentator Robert Barnes correctly observed that Harris “exposed the mindset of the Left,” but distractedly focused on Harris’ atheism as the source of that mindset. However, atheism is neither a philosophy nor a moral code. What is often mistaken for a “lack” of morality is in fact actually the presence of a morality – but of an evil one, nihilism.

Nihilism is the expression of what Ayn Rand called “hatred of the good for being the good.” In describing this phenomenon, Leonard Peikoff, in “The Philosophy of Ayn Rand (1993)” offered a description that reads like the “script” of a conspiracy playing itself out right before our eyes today.

“Modernist intellectuals are comparable to a psychopath who murders for kicks. They seek the thrill of the new; and the new, to them, is the negative. The new is obliteration, obliteration of the essential in every field; they have no interest in anything to take its place.

“Thus the uniqueness of the century behind us: philosophy gleefully rid of system-building, education based on the theory that cognition is harmful, science boastful of its inability to understand, art which expelled beauty, literature with flaunted antiheroes, language “liberated” from syntax, verse “free” of meter, nonrepresentational painting, Atonal music, unconscious psychology, deconstruction in literary criticism, indeterminacy as the new depth in physics, incompleteness as the revelation in mathematics.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

The warning is clear: unless the script is Just Right, every plot development will only continue to lead us to the inevitable nihilism that is the hallmark of the Left.

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  3 Responses to “773 – The Right script—for the love of Good”

  1. Add to the list of nihilistic trends above the abandonment of formal grammar in spoken and written language, as well as the breakdown of good manners and etiquette, which had been what allowed us to maintain order in a free society.

  2. Hi Robert, excellent production and view of thought as always. In reference to game of thrones series, I chose to be a wildling any time and ever time in my life. Keep up the good work.

  3. I commend Bob Metz for calling out the pseudo-spiritual pessimism of Baudet.

    In fact, I wrote a blog post about it: Be the Miracle You Want to See in the Wo

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