Sep 292022

At a time when the West is playing nuclear poker with Russia over Ukraine, official narratives are ignoring all of the pertinent facts, histories, and events necessary for any rational understanding of the situation.

The contrast between those narratives and the reality of the situation is startling. And perhaps the greatest contrast concerns Vladimir Putin himself.

On the heels of world-renown financial/political expert Martin Armstrong’s announcement of his upcoming book, The Plot to Seize Russia, his soon-to-be-released narrative about Putin is certain to surprise many.

Armstrong’s revelations are a game-changer for anyone who only knows the official narrative about Putin. A first-hand observer of Putin’s rise to power, he spent seven years in prison after being falsely implicated in the plot of which he writes.

Putin is neither a communist nor a member of the deep state, says Armstrong. And even more fascinatingly, all those “murders” assumed to have been committed by Putin were actually conducted by Russia’s own deep state (and named by Armstrong), of which Putin was never a part.

And most significantly, Putin has done everything possible to avert the crisis in Ukraine. Since the beginning, and even earlier, Putin has been absolutely clear and precise about why Russian troops entered Ukraine, stated his intentions and goals in advance, and followed through with subsequent action.

Now, Putin has issued a “new clear” warning about his willingness to respond to Western aggression with nuclear weapons. Whether such action is justifiable is a question that will no doubt be debated for many years to come.

It is in everyone’s interest to learn everything they can about the Ukraine crisis; getting it Just Right is key to preventing that crisis from visiting our own doorsteps.

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