Oct 062022

There have been some divisions developing within the ranks of those who appear to be allies in the information war. American psychiatrist Dr Peter Breggin has recently been making the talk show rounds arguing that Dr Robert Malone (developer of the mRNA technology) and Dr Mattias Desmet (professor in clinical psychology) share an agenda “to destroy our ability to identify the enemy.”

Central to the controversy is Mattias Desmet’s theory of “mass formation,” which essentially describes how collectivism leads to the totalitarian state.

His recent interview by Tucker Carlson, seen by millions, expanded the discussion to Desmet’s conclusion that the essence of life transcends purely rational understanding. Moreover, his insights into “mass formation” have led Desmet to an optimistic prediction that a return to “the eternal ethical principles of humanity” can and will solve humanity’s collectivist crisis.

Nevertheless, Dr Breggin insists that Desmet’s “mass formation” theory and his calls for an ethical revolution are part of an agenda that “shifts the blame” from the elitists imposing the current crisis upon us to the victims themselves. However from afar it seems less a “shift” in blame than a “sharing” of the blame if that is relevant at all.

No matter the motivations or other agendas in play, any call for a mass reformation based on “the eternal ethical principles of humanity” sounds Just Right to us.

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