Oct 132022

Not since the Cuban missile crisis has the possibility of a nuclear weapon detonated on North American soil been seriously contemplated. Nor has there been any reason to do so, particularly given the recent unprecedented period of global peace under the presidency of Donald Trump.

Yet after only 24 months into his stolen presidency, Joe Biden’s government is sending strong signals that such a nuclear event is inevitable. This is suspicious, something generally predictable only by those planning to make it so.

Among the suspicious signals: Biden’s recent cryptic September 1 speech in Philadelphia, New York City’s public service announcement on surviving a nuclear attack, the city of Denver’s evacuation preparations involving “Bug-out bags” and the US government’s $290 million purchase of an anti-radiation drug to be distributed free to survivors of a nuclear attack.

Taken individually, each action alone would suggest that Biden’s government is planning a false flag event. Taken together, they practically scream “nuclear plandemic.”

Intending to blame Russia and Vladimir Putin for their false flag event, any nuclear narrative so framed will be a difficult sell particularly given recent events in Ukraine. Putin’s restraint in the face of the West’s aggression and hostility has consistently exhibited a level of morality and concern for human life that far exceeds that of NATO and its allies.

The more we learn about Putin, the more we come to respect him as a true world leader, one who is the exact opposite of how he has been portrayed in Western circles. The more we learn about the military alliance known as NATO, the less it is possible to respect any of its initiatives or actions on the world stage – at any time in its history. Increasingly it appears that NATO has never done anything Just Right for peace and freedom, while fooling much of the world to believe otherwise.

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