Nov 032022

With the midterms on its doorstep, America appears poised for an electoral shock. It is a shock that some are trying to avoid by calling for an end to the “political polarization” that could split the nation.

But this is neither possible, nor desirable. The polarization of ideas is the whole point of politics, without which it is impossible to clearly distinguish one choice from the other. It is a lack of polarization that has led to the persistent Leftward drift towards tyranny.

The term “polar opposite” describes the “extreme” nature of polarity, such as north and south, positive and negative, and of course, Left and Right. Politically, the Left represents collectivism and tyranny; the Right represents its opposite: individualism and freedom.

Unfortunately, this polar distinction has been intentionally hidden. By falsely and incorrectly associating the Leftist ideology of fascism and its variants with the Right, the Left has successfully handicapped those on the Right from being able to effectively distance themselves from the Left.

Consequently, many have dismissed the Left-Right political labels entirely, correctly viewing them as a useless means of distinction. But even so, these labels still carry great power as the chief means of ideological identity within the political arena. It is ironic that the very people immobilized by the mere suggestion of being labeled right wing are among those declaring political labels to be useless.

It is clear that America’s Left is in a panic. Between Hillary Clinton’s calls to “crush the coup,” and bizarre media assertions that an “attack” on Paul Pelosi is an example of “political violence” resulting from “hyper-partisanship and divisive political rhetoric,” it appears that America’s increased polarization is something the Left fears greatly.

Understanding that the Left represents tyranny and the Right represent freedom is the real polarity and truth that the Left seeks to hide in its fog of indistinguishable labels. They know that the failure to polarize issues will result in a failure to distinguish between not only Left and Right, but between good and evil, life and death.

Thankfully, given America’s currently polarized condition, the probability that Americans will vote for candidates that are Just Right is higher than ever, raising hopes that a red wave can slow and reverse America’s drift toward tyranny.

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