Nov 072022

Given the events in the healthcare industry over the past three years one might think that people would be ready to abandon that one characteristic Canadians have come to define themselves—socialized medicine. Instead, we find, regardless of the injuries and deaths directly attributable to it, Canadians cling to this immoral system.

At the top of this failed and disastrous Soviet-era style healthcare system stands the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons—crown agencies created by governments and led by political appointees, some of whom may be doctors, most of whom are not—your usual group of sycophantic Party supporters in it for the prestige and perks.

As our guest, pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson puts it, “Since COVID, because they’re manned by woke cubed individuals they have toed the government line meticulously. And so I take the position now that instead of protecting which was their traditional role which they did reasonably well they are now actually killing people. They are co-conspirators with government in state-sanctioned murder—period. Exactly the opposite of what their function used to be.”

Dr. Hodkinson, was a Fellow of the College of the American Pathologists until recently when they decided to “get rid” of him for ostensibly spreading “misinformation,” the usual Orwellian term used to label anyone with an opinion differing from that of the state.

Dr. Hodkinson continues to fight against the system and is now warning us of the tsunami of deaths to come from compromised immune systems resulting from the disastrous decisions of healthcare bureaucrats.

Completely disillusioned with federal politics he has turned his attention to his own province and is actively promoting the Alberta Prosperity Project—a society that promises to send a message to Ottawa that unless it allows that province to deal in its own way with Constitutionally-granted areas of provincial concern, including healthcare, outright separation from Confederation may result.

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  4 Responses to “First, do no harm | Dr. Roger Hodkinson”

  1. I must admin I didn’t go through this video as I lost my interest after reading their vision statement to acknowledge authority of a supreme entity as part of their version of Alberta constitution. I also found it odd that they assumed most atheists like myself would agree with “The Ten Commandments” and align our common sense rationality with their version. I many times feel atheists like myself are not taken seriously by such statements and organizations. I think I am fine with associating myself with Freedom Party of Ontario and like minded folks who cherish life, liberty and property at individual level. Cheers.

    • That’s unfortunate.
      The essential material most relevant to the whole world including Alberta followed after that brief interjection about that area.

  2. I lived in Alberta they have freer speech than onterrible…. ( Ontario). He’s right

  3. Prison would be a lenient penalty. Death seems the only fitting response for worldwide mass murder.

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