May 082024

In their attempt to dismiss or ignore narratives and truths that conflict with the ideology of the Left, the term ‘far right’ has been used as a pejorative to silence the opposition.

‘Far right’ is an anti-concept. It is based on a fictional political spectrum that simply does not exist, either in theory or in practice. Left and Right do not exist on either end of a ‘spectrum’ but are strictly polarities representing the opposing political conditions of tyranny (on the Left) and freedom (on the Right).

‘Far right’ implies that there are other types or ‘degrees’ of Right. However, the values represented by the political polarities of Left and Right do not exist in ‘degree’ but only in ‘kind’. There is no ‘middle of the road’ and any compromise between Left and Right can only benefit the Left, as the Right (the good) has nothing to gain from the Left (the evil) in such a compromise. This has been the political trend for many decades.

In the information war, as in any war, it’s “Define or ‘be’ defined.” Unfortunately, those on the Right (meaning those in favor of freedom and capitalism) have come to lack both the vocabulary and proper definitions to articulate their values, and this was not by accident or omission. The Left has been hard at work destroying the very concepts necessary to articulate these values.

While the Left does all the defining, the Right allows itself to ‘be’ defined – to the absurd point where most on the Right accept the ludicrous notion that the explicitly Leftist ideology of fascism is ‘far right.’

Once the Right accepts a contradiction like that, then the war is already lost. Not only will the Right lose the intellectual, ideological, political, and conceptual war, but the Right will lose its own identity in the process. This process has already reached the point where those on the Right fear saying anything positive about being on the Right or about the values and principles of the Right.

Unaware of this dilemma, many want to dismiss the terms ‘Left and Right’ entirely, believing that there is no longer any difference between the two polarities. This is aggravated by the fact that so many political organizations and parties have been identifying themselves as ‘right wing’ or ‘on the right’ when in fact they are on the Left. America’s Republican Party and Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party are two clear examples.

From those waking up to this reality, we hear a growing number of references to some version of a ‘Uniparty’ which is really two or more parties operating under the same ‘uni-ideology.’ But for the Right the real problem is that there simply is no political representation on the Right, which can only be achieved by the formation of new political parties.

The false association of the Right with variants of fascism, along with hurling labels like ‘far right’ against anyone advocating individualism and freedom, has been very effective in preventing any representation on the true Right from taking root and growing. In the context of political polarities, political labels like ‘right wing’, ‘close right’, ‘extreme right’, ‘moderate right’, ‘near right’, and of course, ‘far right’, are effective anti-concepts calculated to confuse the body politic.

Despite the confusion however, a promising trend has begun to emerge. As more people discover the true evil nature of the Left, they have ironically (and defiantly) begun using the label ‘far right’ to describe themselves!

This is a positive development for freedom because once properly associated with freedom and individualism, the ‘far right’ will be discovered to be Just Right.

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