May 152024

Question: What does Canada’s MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) program have in common with environmentalism? Answer: They are both prescriptions for death and depopulation.

Canada is sadly among a growing number of nations intentionally murdering their own citizens. Strong words? Hard to believe?

Says Britain’s Dr. Vernon Coleman: “This is the most evil cold blooded massacre since Genghis Kahn made genocide fashionable. Forget the self-serving myth that euthanasia is painless and dignified.

And on the environmental front, in announcing the release of Canada’s ‘Federal Plastics Registry,’ it was described as an “important demonstration of Canada’s commitment to end pollution and build a circular economy.”

Given the entire context of that statement, it is evident that the “commitment to end pollution” is mere distraction; the real objective is to “build a circular economy” which is a key ingredient of the “own-nothing-and-be-happy” ideology of the Left.

A “circular economy” is defined as “a model of resource production and consumption in any economy that involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible.”

It has been contrasted with a “linear economy” which is defined as “an economic system that extracts, uses, and disposes of resources in a linear way, prioritizing economic goals over sustainability.”

Unfortunately, neither of these definitions describe ‘economies.’ They are merely two sides of the same coin – the coin of ‘central planning’ which is always a death knell for every nation so ruled.

From promoting euthanasia to banning plastic and reducing CO2 emissions, every political initiative points to some element of an agenda moving towards death and depopulation.

In reality there are only two kinds of economies: there are free economies described as capitalism, and there are controlled economies which have a myriad of ‘isms’ to describe them, whether socialism, communism, fascism, etc.

Establishing ‘circular economies’ by creating a ‘plastics registry’ is glaring evidence of central planning for a ‘social euthanasia’ unseen and unknown by a majority of the public.

Thus when Britain’s Dr. Vernon Coleman announced that “Everything you think you know about euthanasia is most certainly wrong,” he was Just Right, but for more reasons than he intended.

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