Jul 102024

Following his disastrous performance in his first 2024 Presidential election debate with Donald Trump, one must wonder if Joe Biden is just biding his time until Democrats decide what to do about him. Speculation about the future of Biden’s presidential candidacy is at an all time high, given that so many were still unaware of his condition until the June 28 CNN presidential debate.

As a career politician for decades, Biden would be the perfect poster boy for Donald Trump’s plan to introduce term limits to the American political landscape.

But while most dwell on Biden’s physical and mental condition, it was his political condition that was far more concerning. Biden’s vision of America is a dystopian nightmare of perpetual war and tyranny.

While Trump speaks of a ‘great’ America as a safe place for Americans to live, work, and pursue their own happiness and objectives, Biden’s vision of a ‘great’ America is one of a bully state, bullying other nations to the point of conflict and war. “They don’t want to screw around with us,” said Biden in reference to China and Russia.

For his part, Trump’s debate performance was among his best: disciplined and presidential. Clearly aware of Biden’s incoherence and inability to focus, Trump was placed in the difficult position of having to diplomatically treat his opponent with consideration for his condition.

Perhaps Trump’s best presidential performance in terms of his vision for America took place on July 4, 2020 with his speech delivered in front of Mount Rushmore. Citing the destruction of American history and culture by the Left, Trump delivered a speech to set the record straight, vowing never to be silenced by his opponents.

With Trump’s unparalleled popularity and an agenda that is Just Right for Americans in their time of crisis, whether or not Biden is replaced will have little effect on Trump’s re-election this November.

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  1. Another Great Show Bob. Trump will be taken out by the Deep State via heart attack or plane/ helicopter I’m betting.

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