Feb 132014



02:54 : Bitcoin or bitcon? Bitcoin, Canadian Federal Budget, online currencies, Satoshi Nakamoto, volatility of Bitcoin, to each his own, fiat currencies, money laundering, government control of currencies, inflation
16:34 : Health Scare: No patience with patients Andrew Brannon, Freedom Party of Ontario, health care, the needs of the community vs the needs of patients, hospital planning based on community needs, hospital funding, patients needs are subordinated to political power, endless hospital planning studies, profit and loss, influence by pressure groups like ONA and RNAO, the separation of health care and the state, as your economics is sick so is your health care
34:10 : No bread, just circuses: London’s growing white elephant collection Check your premises – The Monument Builders – Ayn Rand, The Normal School purchase, YMCA, It’s not their money, Performing Arts Centre, Celebration Centre, Grand Theatre, Centennial Hall, opportunity for our elected mis-representatives, population threshold for the arts
51:25 : Sadder, Budweiser Budweiser Gardens a failure not a success, JLC, Orlando Zamprognia said it all before, perpetual debt on white elephants, clash of visions 57:09 : End

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