Apr 032014

Child Voting


00:07 Ontario’s unholy trinity of destruction: Ontario election?, trinity of progressives, Ontario’s Liberal-Progressive Conservative-New Democratic Party of sameness, electoral disconnect between voters and politicians, Freedom Party, lazy voters – giving up on voting, blame the intellectuals in our universities and colleges, disintegrated education models
14:25 Demographic democracy – our polarized voting future: GUEST: Paul McKeever, “drama” in the Ontario legislature, Pierre Trudeau, Generation ‘X’ vs Generation ‘Y’, the majority doesn’t vote, Ontario’s changing demographics – from the ‘making’ age to the ‘taking’ age, an expensive future – if you don’t vote to protect yourself, voting schisms, when you’re 64, hard times ahead in Ontario
29:46 Minority Report: the few rule the many: GUEST: Paul McKeever, independent candidates vs party candidates, political parties, the non-voting majority has the power, having courage to be the first, the neighbour who’s robbing you, government is about governing – not wealth redistribution, agent of un-civility, political representation is a two-way street
43:07 The purpose of government is…: GUEST: Paul McKeever, official brain dead policy, Progressive Conservative Ernie Eves: “the purpose of government is to redistribute wealth”, Ernie Eves’ legacy in the current gas plant scandal, electricity price cap, creating an affordable demand for electricity in Ontario, Toronto vs Ontario, brief history of Progressive Conservative Party, big issues – small issues, incandescent light bulb ban, getting off the hydro grid 57:25 END

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